You know you have a great husband if you see him display all of these characteristics.

1. He is loving, caring, and treats you with respect.

A great husband does not talk down on his wife or treat her with disdain and disrespect. He is always loving and gentle towards her and treats and takes care of her just in the same way he would love and take care of himself.

2. He is a good support structure, dependable, and there when you need him.

When you need a shoulder to cry or lean on, he’s always there. You know without a shadow of a doubt that if you call on him to assist you with anything, he will readily do it without any hesitation, complaints, or excuses. Your husband is your rock and ever-dependable.

3. He is your number 1 fan/cheerleader.

No one cheers you on like him. He is there singing your praises at every work function or event. Every chance he gets, he wants everyone to know just how awesome, resourceful, and hardworking his wife and the mother of his children are. He is always bragging about you to everyone who cares to listen.

4. He is a good listener.

You know you have a great husband if he is the first person you talk to about anything, before even your girlfriends. This quality shows the depth of closeness and love between you and your husband because men generally have to work harder at being great listeners. And if your husband is a great listener then know you have yourself a wonderful husband.

5. He is intuitive and sensitive to your dispositions.

This is another amazing quality of a great husband and goes hand-in-hand with being a great listener. He is ever intuitive and aware of his wife’s dispositions. He can tell if she’s okay or not just by looking at her body language and paying attention to the tone of her voice.

6. He knows you inside out – what makes you tick and what gets you worked up.

A great husband knows your passions. He knows what makes you tick and what gets you upset. He knows your hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes. And even if he doesn’t know all of them yet, he is willing to keep discovering them every day with you because he loves you and is committed to making your marriage a happy loving one.

7. He is a passionate lover.

When it comes to love and romance, he keeps things exciting and interesting. He goes with your flow and isn’t averse to learning new things in the bedroom with you. He is willing to keep things fresh and exciting when it comes to intimacy and love.

8. He is interested in your personal growth and development.

Your wonderful husband isn’t self-centred and self-absorbed. He is always asking after your goals, aspirations, and ambitions and is ever willing to support them. You know that you can count on him to help you towards being a better you every time.

9. He does not smoulder you and allows you to be your person.

An amazing husband understands that his wife’s identity is not somehow tied solely to him. He understands that she is her person and has her voice and personality, and he respects that. He does not smoulder her and allows her space for some alone time.

10. He is financially responsible and provides for you and the kids.

A great husband is financially responsible and takes charge of providing for the family. He does not take on debts that would affect the family or take financially reckless decisions that would be prejudicial to the welfare of his family.

11. He is loyal, honest, and faithful.

A great husband does not lie to his wife and is faithful to her. Infidelity is the last thing he would be caught doing.

This is not to say that he would never get tempted. Of course, he would get tempted because he is a human being. But what sets him apart from the cheating husband who is a jerk is that he can control himself and stay faithful to his wife because of the love he has for her and his commitment to their marriage.

12. He does not disagree with you in public and presents a united front outside.

An amazing husband knows better than to have a heated argument in public with his wife. He understands the importance of always presenting a united front when in public because he does not want to embarrass and humiliate his wife. Whatever disagreement he may have with what the wife is doing in public, he waits until they are in the privacy of their home to thrash it out.

13. He defends you in public.

Your husband is a great husband if he is always ready to take up arms in your defence in public. Everyone knows that they dare not say anything against you or they will have him to deal with. You have no shadow of doubt in your mind that come what may, your husband is always your number 1 defender in public.

14. He includes you in the decision-making process at home.

You don’t feel left out of important family decisions. You feel very much like a part of building your home because your husband makes it a point to seek your input before making any decision. Even if he may not always adopt your views, he will always ask for your counsel and listen to what you have to say.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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