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HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div
“The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.” (Psalm 25:14).

There are secrets of Providence which God’s dear children may learn. His dealing with them often seems, to the outward eye, dark and terrible. Faith looks deeper and says, “This is God’s secret.

You look only on the outside; I can look deeper and see the hidden meaning.” Sometimes diamonds are done up in rough packages so that their value cannot be seen. When the tabernacle was built in the wilderness there was nothing rich in its outside appearance. So my brethren when you were born you looked innocent and everyone loved you. Oh, what a sweet adorable child some would have said. However, as you grow they needed to see the inside of that little innocent child. Saul was a devout Christian but inside of him was terror and hatred until he came in contact with God. The changes of Saul was God’s secret hidden in that body of hate and terror.

The costly things were all within, and its outward covering of rough badger skin gave no hint of the valuable things which it contained. So like the tabernacle built in the wilderness was bypassed by many because of the outward appearance. It did not meet the eyes of modern-day worshippers. Yet they wanted to serve God but he was not to their standards. You see man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart of man. What you see is what you get but if you look deeper you will find the secrets of God and your life can be changed forever.

God may send you, my dear friends, brothers and sisters, fellow readers, some costly packages. Do not worry if they are done up in rough wrappings. You may be sure there are treasures of love, and kindness and wisdom are hidden within. Take a look at the fruits of the Spirit and where you have to look for them, starting with yourself. THE RIPENED FRUIT

Do not be so foolish as to throw away a nugget of gold because there is some quartz in it. If we take what He sends, and trust Him for the goodness in it, even in the dark, we shall learn the meaning of the secrets of His providence. It is not hard for you to figure out what you are looking for, it is right before your very eyes and God is giving you an opportunity to seek Him and so you will find Him early if you look in the right place. There you will find His secrets in the word of God. Hallelujah


Author: Patriarch Gregg

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