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And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen. Genesis 22:14

Abraham knew it would be. Probably he never told Sarah what God had asked of him till he and the lad were safely back in the tent. What needs to trouble her? Her weak faith could not have stood the ordeal. It was with an unfaltering tone that the Patriarch told his young men that they two would presently return. Even though he should actually take Isaac’s life, he was sure that he would receive him again from the altar in health. It was only at the very last moment that God indicated the ram as the sufficient substitute. So God’s deliverances always come; they are provided in the mountain of trial and sacrifice. When the foe seems secure of victory. – So it was with Israel.

Pharaoh, with his hosts, counted on an easy victory, the precipices around, the sea in front. To the eye of sense it seemed impossible to escape: all hope died. It was just then that the Almighty cleft a path through the mighty deep. “In the fourth hour of the night.” – Strength was well-nigh exhausted in long battling with the waves. For hours the disciples with difficulty had kept themselves afloat. It seemed as if they must give in through physical collapse. It was then that the form of Jesus drew nigh unto the ship.

On the night before the execution. – Thus Peter lies sleeping whilst the Church is gathered in prayer. To-morrow he will be a corpse. But the angel comes then to open the prison doors. So you may have come to an end of your own strength, and wisdom, and energy. The altar, wood, and fire are ready, the knife upraised, your Isaac on the point to die: but even now God will provide. Trust Him to indicate the way of escape.

In the very moment that you think you are about to fail is when the Lord will come through for you and make your path straight. At the last hour when it looks dismal for the fate of Peter the Lord stepped in and deliver. Daniel waited in the lion’s den waiting for the approach of the lions the Lord intervened. The Hebrew boys had their deliverance in the furnace. Your deliverance doesn’t come easy and we can learn from Daniel when he set out to contact the Lord as we read in Daniel 10. What could have been a day of prayer turned out to be twenty and one days? It was that same morning when his prayers were heard in heaven and the messenger was dispatched with the answer to tell Daniel his prayers was heard but the prince of Persia intercepted him and a fight started in a certain realm of the journey. But there was more help awaiting Daniel for Michael himself left on the mission to slay and deliver. Ob brethren for twenty and one days the fight ensued but Michael delivered Daniel and told him what happened. God delivers when we least expect it to happen.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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