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“Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again?” (Romans 11:35).

The Christian women of the world have it in their power, by a very little sacrifice, to add millions to the treasury of the Lord.

Beloved brothers and sisters, have you found the joy of sacrifice for Jesus? Have you given up something that you might give to Him? Are you giving your substance to Jesus? He will take it, and He will give you a thousandfold more.

I should rather be connected with a work founded on great sacrifice than on enormous endowments.

The reason God loved the place where His ancient temple rose in majesty was that there is where Abraham offered his son and David his treasure. The reason redemption is so dear to the Father and the heavenly world is that its foundation-stone is the Cross of Calvary.

And the Christian life that is dearest to the heart of God, and will rise to the highest glory and usefulness, is the one whose founding principle is sacrifice and self-renunciation. This is why the Master teaches us to give, because giving means loving, and love is but another name for life.

We can go back to something that happened in our lives and look at the significance and use that as the foundation block. Many people look at their baptism day, as the day they came to know the Lord as their Saviour. Others look at the day they got married but there is something you can use as your foundation.  We often sing this song:

1 We love the place, O God,
wherein thine honour dwells;
the joy of thine abode
all earthly joy excels.

2 We love the house of prayer,
wherein thy servants meet;
and thou, O Lord, art there
thy chosen flock to greet.

3 We love the sacred font;
for there the Holy Dove
to pour is ever wont
his blessing from above.

4 We love thine altar, Lord;
O what on earth so dear?
for there, in faith adored,
we find thy presence near.

5 We love the word of life,
the word that tells of peace,
of comfort in the strife,
and joys that never cease.

6 We love to sing below
for mercies freely given;
but O we long to know
the triumph-song of heaven.

7 Lord Jesus, give us grace
on earth to love thee more,
in heaven to see thy face,
and with thy saints adore.

William Bullock wrote hymns for 32 years and many of them can be found in the Ancient and Modern Hymn Book used by the Anglican Church. Maybe in that song, we can find a place where we started many years ago. Pray, we find comfort in these words and may Almighty God bless and keep us.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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