The Master Numbers (11, 22, 33)

and their spiritual meanings

For a numerologist, they tend to not have a “favourite” number because they simply love them all equally! However, anyone who has a fascination with numbers will be able to find a lot of solace in the face that three very specific numbers seem to stick out above the rest.

They are called Master Numbers, and they are; 11, 22 and 33. What does the master number actually mean? Are these more powerful, or something?

master numbers

Master numbers and their spiritual meaning


Depending on your viewpoint, they tend to hold a lot more significance when they appear within a project or a numbers chart.

It can give you a lot of information that, typically, we would just look beyond in the past but now that the cult of the Master Number has become so apparent, many people see these three numbers as a curse or a blessing.

Master Number 11 (An old soul)


Master Number 11 is the first master number, brings higher intuition and spiritual insight, supernatural abilities, increased sensitivity, as well as empathy and natural intelligence. The number eleven is a sign of enormous power – both mental and physical.

The holder of this life path number is considered to be an old soul. With 11 in your chart, you are able to calmly deal with complex situations – you have general knowledge and know a little about everything. It’s like having a finger in every pie.

Your greatest advantages are respect, empathy, understanding others and their problems, adaptability, steadiness, sense of order and immense ability to see others more deeply.



Master Number 22 (The Master Builder)

Master Number 22 is the second master number, brings deep spiritual understanding, facilitating the appliance of knowledge in a practical way, which will eventually lead to success, high self-esteem, natural intelligence and ability to work in a high position.


The holder of this life path number is considered to be a master builder. Science sees this figure as an entwining of powers between the numbers 11 and 4. Number 11 is responsible for high intuition and visionary thoughts, and the number 4 carries the practical nature.

In other words, number 22 is a powerful combination between these two, which can help achieve a goal in a very rapid manner.

master number 11



Master Number 33 (The Master Teacher)

Master Number 33 is the last and the most prominent master number. Seen as the “teacher” of numbers, it’s got a massive importance within numerology and is seen as the perfect balance between the first two numbers.

Someone who has the number 33 appearing regularly within their charts is typically an individual who is able to take on projects, regardless of how difficult or impractical they might appear to be. Anyone who finds that 33 continue to arise in their life path will find that they will be extremely emotional people – too. Not only can be they be bundles of creativity, joy and excitement; they can be extremely imbalanced and volatile emotionally, too.

This makes someone who goes down this route an individual who was put on the Earth, via their soul, to create a stronger understanding of love and harmony among individuals.


Author: Godfrey Gregg