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Similar to kindness, goodness also includes generosity.  In fact, a better translation of this word, goodness, calls its generosity.  So that’s what we’re talking about here.  We aren’t talking about just generosity in the sense of money, but with every single thing.

Jesus is our best example of what generosity looks like.  Jesus didn’t have much money.  But He was the most generous person who ever lived.  He gave of His time, his heart and His talents.  He listened, He healed, He taught, He led others and the He gave His life for all of mankind.

So how can we show the kind of generosity that Jesus did?  When we live by the Fruit of the Spirit,  everything we do is because we have the love of Jesus in us.  Remember that everything that we own is first owned by God.  So sure, give generously financially.  But give your time to those who need someone to talk to.  Make meals for those who are sick.  Where you see a need, fill it.  Most of all, be generous in sharing the Gospel.  Because that is the greatest need of all.


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