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And Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, It is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace. Genesis 41:16

It is beautiful to notice Joseph’s reverent references to God in his first interview with Pharaoh. When the heart is full of God, the tongue will be almost obliged to speak of Him; and all such references will be easy and natural as flowers in May. When you are committed to your calling that is what you speak about. Notice in this passage Joseph never made reference to his brothers and the wicked acts they did to him. Oh, brethren not so today and especially in the church.

Joseph’s heart was where God placed it and his tongue would only speak of the things permitted of God. In that very hour, the Lord of Heaven will reveal to you what to say. There were a plan and a purpose for God to man Image result for REVERENCE BEFORE GODwhich had to be fulfilled. Even in the darkest hour, the Lord will shine brightest.

These words might have been uttered by the Lord Jesus. They are so perfectly in harmony with the tenor of His life. He loved to say that His words, and works, and plans, were not His own, but the Father’s. Once, when a ruler called Him good, He reminded him that only One was good, and that all goodness was derived from God. Men knew little enough of Jesus because He sought ever to be a reflecting mirror for His Father, and to glorify Him on the earth. But the Spirit reveals Him to those that love Him.

These words might have been the Apostle Paul’s. He delighted to say that he worked, yet not he, but the grace of God in him; that he lived, yet not he, but Christ in him; that he knew and spake the mysteries of God, yet not he, but the Spirit of God. Mark those that always try to elevate themselves instead of God. We can do nothing except it came from above.

Image result for REVERENCE BEFORE GODThus we should speak. Our light must so shine that men may turn from us to Him from whom we have derived it. Whenever the temptation arises to revert on ourselves, to attract men to ourselves, to lead them to think that we can meet their need, let us count ourselves dead to the suggestion, saying, “It is not in me; God shall give” (Act 3:12). What strength and comfort come into our hearts, in view of demands which are too great for our weak nature to meet. “It is not in me; God shall give.” If our hearts were inditing a good matter, they would boil over, and we should speak more frequently of the things that touch our King.

I rest here for today and may Almighty God bless and grant unto you a blessed day. Amen

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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