The passing of this honourable man Dr Granville Williams still have many baffles that they did not have the opportunity to meet him. A man that prides himself to honour the very “fabric of Bajan Society”. He loved his country and that was his mission after returning to Barbados in 1957 the year wherein I was born. It was the day before my birth he established the SONS OF GOD APOSTOLIC SPIRITUAL BAPTIST FAITH (EST1957). I met him on several occasions and was willing to listen to him and learn. His vision is still alive in my heart and I am still grateful for those opportunities.

It’s hard to imagine a faithful man of “Bajan” decent has outshined many trained and learned men in terms of reputation, influence and generosity.

For the Patriarch
For our patriarch,
A song of dignity and honour.

Guardian of Bajan heritage,
Keeper of truths,
Hand of protection and peace,
We are blessed with your humour and compassion,
Your zest for life
And your zeal for the family.
You remind us to open our lives to God’s majesty and mystery
God’s justice and mercy.
You remind us to seek radiance and splendour,
Awe for creation and compassion for each other,
And choose joy over grief,
Laughter over tears.

God of fatherly patience and strength,
Bless our family with love
And our patriarch with vision, endurance and hope.
May his devotion inspire us to righteousness and charity,
Guided by the Scriptures.
Bless our lives with abundance
And our days with vigour,
So that we bring majesty and mystery to our lives
And into the world.

Blessed are You, God of our fathers,
Who provides just and righteous men
In every generation.

As you did for us when you sent us you son Dr Granville Williams             Our Patriarch, brother, friend and companion                                               May your soul continues to rest in perfect peace.

Patriarch Dr GRANVILLE WILLIAMS’S name will be written on the Page of the Mystical Order ANCESTRAL HONOUREE 2018

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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