His Grace Sir Adrian (Prince) Toussaint

Archbishop of Trinidad and Tobago

Mystical Order and Starlight

Public notice:

To all persons seeking ordination or to all persons who are on this group to leak information and send people to apply to join our ministry please note the following information is required.
1- certificate of your character
2- what church do u attend or own, if owned provide proof of registration, also a site visit will be done to observe the behaviour in your church
3- if u have ordained b4 u must provide copies of certificates, reasons for leaving or wanting to leave and a contact number for the person who ordained you
4- 2 references of your own
5- a passport photo so we can investigate you as well

Management has observed persons are applying for ordination and can’t produce this basic information due to whatever their reasons.
Failure to present such will result in termination of the application so please ensure all these information can be presented before applying
This is done to keep order within our order
Also to applicants the procedure of applying it through the ministry email address and not by calling down the patriarch phone or my phone all day you will instantly be disqualified for such.

Thanks and have a blessed day

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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