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Ordering Your Steps to a Breakthrough

I heard the Lord say: “I am ordering the steps of the hungry to the eye-opening experience. I am ordering the steps of the righteous to the purposes and plans I’ve called them to. I am ordering those who are not content to stay in the place they are, to the place that I’ve called them to come.

  • “I am inviting you to come higher.
  • I am inviting you to go deeper.
  • I am inviting you to press a little more, press a little more, press a little more because there are obstacles that are in your path,” says God, “but I am ordering your steps to the place where you will come to a showdown with that which has prevented you from your breakthrough.
  • I am ordering you to that place where you will face down the giants that defy you, and you will overcome them,” says God. “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord.

Here is a word for you in this hour that God has prepared for you as you go through this busy day. Count it all joy as we seek Him on your behalf.

  1. “I am opening your eyes even now, and I’m causing you to see your enemies with pity and with mercy.
  2. I’m opening our eyes right now, and I am causing you to see yourself as you really are in Christ.
  3. I am opening your eyes right now. It’s an eye-opening encounter, even now, right now, in this place. Open your spiritual eyes and see Me and know Me for who I really am.
  4. Because I am the conqueror of all conquerors. There is nothing that can stand in defiance of My will.

“I am making a way for you to come to that place of the showdown, to come to that place of overcoming, to come to that place where you will make the enemy bow, in His Name. I am ordering your steps to that place of encounter where you will see Him differently than you’ve ever seen Him before. You will see Him as the captain of the hosts. You will see Him as your provider in the midst of a famine. You will see Him as the one who loves your soul unconditionally and who will hold on to you through every storm, and who will be there for you in every instant, whatever season you are walking in.

These are the words of the Lord speaking to you this morning, “I am shaking up your paradigm of who I am and who you are in Me. I am shaking and stirring your perception of who the enemy is and who he is not. For some of you have seen the enemy as greater than, bigger than, stronger than. But you need to see Jesus as all of that and more.

  • I am greater than your enemy.
  • I am bigger than your enemy.
  • I am stronger than your enemy
  • I am on the inside of you.

So open your eyes and take another look. Open your eyes, and I will remove the scales that have caused you to see in part, to know in part and to walk in partial blindness.”

“I am bringing you to that place of an eye-opening encounter, and you will see the big picture. You will see far out ahead. You will have a vision for the future, the vision that I have for you. It’s a vision of a future of a hub of success, of prosperity, of healing, of victory. His vision for you is awesome.

“So, open your eyes and be willing to see past where you are standing now, and be willing to see two, three, four, five yards ahead, a hundred meters ahead. Be willing to see out in the distance and don’t let the obstacles that you see in your path sway you any longer. Don’t let the obstacles that are in your path sway you from pressing on, pressing in, pressing through, because when you press, He is pressing with you.”

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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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