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I know that many of you who read these writing have trouble digesting some of them, and still others do not believe them, and others are so ingrained with the interpretations of others, and the commentaries that they dismiss what is said here.

Many do not want to hear about Hell, they do not want to hear about Hell because they believe that Hell is here on earth. Death and Hell will be cast in the lake of fire. The Spirit goes back to God who gave it, but the soul that sinneth shall surely die Ezekiel 18:20. Are we getting somewhere at this time, God be praised? Hallelujah

We believe that if you believe in Jesus Christ and confess your sins that you are saved, and shall be born again and go straight to heaven. We believe that only those who believe in Jesus are going to be saved and are going to heaven; everyone else is going to hell. What the spirit of truth says to me and I believe it with all my heart, when the scripture say we all go to Hell that includes people of all shades of life, the Hebrews, the Gentiles, the Buddhist, the Muslims the Sheiks those without any religion at all, the believer the non-believer, those who just do not know, all souls, all spirits go to Hell when they leave the body.

Hades (many meanings but I will use “grave” “hole”) accounts for everybody, everyone goes to Hades. Now that does violence to those who have been taught, and who believe that they are going directly to heaven even if there have deep character flaws in their spirit, if the temptation to sin is still active and alive in them, even if they are in the mist of sinning when they die they are going to heaven because they believe in Jesus and have been baptized and the church told them so. We want the Pastor/Bishop to keep telling us we are saved because we believe in Jesus Christ as our personal saviour and have been baptized in His Hame for the remission of our sins. But all of us who look deeply into our being know that there is a residue of ungodly things in our spirit, the world can still get to us, feelings and emotions are still strong in us, we don’t feel that close to God and my sins are still with me though they are diminished. We still like to look at beautiful women and deny to ourselves that we have any lust for them, or women to look at a handsome man and deny that we have sexual feelings for them. We still long for many things that we do not engage in, but there is a pleasurable arousal in thinking about those ungodly things. There are things that we have put to rest but they still cause heat when we are alone and think about them.

My mission, my assignment here in the earth, and it is a mean one, is to tell us that we are not ready to go directly to heaven when our spirit leaves the body. God does not want you to be disappointed if your spirit does not go directly to heaven when your spirit is released from the body. To tell folks that, makes one disliked by some folks who feel that they have a lock on heaven through the blood of Jesus.

Many of the best of us are cunning, many of us are shrewd, many of us are subtle, we are clever in our spirit—in other words, our spirit is not like the spirit of the angels and the host of heaven, and like the spirit of Jesus. But we expect to be elevated to heaven and be among the host of heaven with this cunning, this subtleness, and this shrewdness in our spirit. Hallelujah The Spirit of truth said to me don’t you know that is what got Satan and his followers cast out of heaven, their spirit became cunning, it became shrewd, if became subtle, it became clever, it was not pure, it was not holy any longer.

I tell you there is a very thin line for us to walk as believers and it is a fine line between Holiness and sin. I urge each of us to work out this Salvation with God through Jesus Christ according to His word. It is no longer what the Pastor/Bishop says, no longer what the church asks you to believe, no more what you think or feels. It has to be God’s word and that alone. Bless the Lord. So I encourage you to walk within the vocation wherein you are called and be not entangled with the yoke of bondage.



Author: Godfrey Gregg

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