aaTo God The Father and our Lord Jesus Christ that woke us up this morning and gave us hope to see another day. I greet you my beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord. The peace of God our Father be always with you. My Mystical brothers and sisters I thank God for all of you. From the morning rising sun to the going down of the very same let His Name be praised. From one day to another we are going to walk in the steps that are ordered for us.

Jonathan probably did not know that Samuel had appointed David to be Israel’s king 1 Samuel 16:1-13. Jonathan was the son of King Saul; everyone expected that Jonathan would become Israel’s next king. That would be a good reason why David and Jonathan might become enemies. However, they were not enemies, they were close friends. You see, Jonathan did not know he was walking in the will of God. Leave it to God and believe that He will fix the problem for you. Do not fight for what you are not given, wait on the Lord I say wait and let Him direct your paths. If you wait I am sure you will soon find out what is the perfect will of the Father.

Jonathan made a covenant with David, that is, a serious promise of friendship. Usually, enemies did that when they made peace after a war against each other. Jonathan and David had never been enemies; they made their covenant so that they would always be friends. Are you aware of such types of friendship? True friendship is what Jesus wants with us. Are you ready to make a covenant to serve the Lord? If you find your true friendship, then seal it with the blood.

Jonathan made an extraordinary gift to David as proof of their covenant. As the king’s oldest son, Jonathan wore clothes that were beautiful and precious (compare Genesis 37:3 and 2 Samuel 13:18). Because of those clothes, people would immediately recognize Jonathan’s importance. So today we may not wear the clothes, even though we should, but we must wear the character of the One that called us out of darkness into this marvelous light. The other things we must have are manners, behaviour and order.

Jonathan wanted to give David the honour that he himself had. Jonathan took off those royal clothes and he gave them to David. It reminds me at the consecration of our Bishop Hon. Raymond H. Deane in London our Patriarch took off his clothes and laid them on the Bishop. Another Bishop present covenanted with the Bishop and put his Pectoral cross on the Bishop. What the did were making a covenant with the Bishop to walk in the beauty of Holiness and to  keep the promises he made to Almighty God as he took the oath and vow to  serve the Lord and His people.

Jonathan also gave David his bow and his sword. As Jonathan had fought bravely for Israel in the past, so David would do that in the future. Jonathan was an expert in the use of the bow and arrows (2 Samuel 1:22). Jonathan wanted David to have the same rank in the army as Jonathan himself had. What we see here is that Jonathan didn’t know hat David was already anointed to take over the throne. So you see even with the covenant David kept his secret yet he was a great friend to Jonathan. David didn’t have to say anything because that would have capsized the boat. In everything we do there is a purpose and a reason for it. God knew best.

Therefore, David would receive the same importance, honour and rank that Jonathan had. That means that David, and not Jonathan, would be the next king. Jonathan had already robed David and encouraged him to walk in the vocation in preparation for the throne. God was showing this to Jonathan and, as a holy man, Jonathan approved. Possibly he did not yet know the meaning of his actions (compare John 12:16). However, later Jonathan did know clearly, and he was pleased 1 Samuel 23:17. Jonathan wanted Israel to have a good king who really served God. My question to you is what do you want? If, you reject what you have now then God will give you someone that you think you love and later you find out the mistake. Think and ask God for the vision and avoid perishing in your own blood.

Hallelujah, and so today we must be aware that God wants the best for His church and we have to respect the work that God is doing. Sometimes we see the actions and don’t understand and we open our “big mouths” and displease the Lord with our actions. I remember how the people of Israel chant down Moses when he came to the Red Sea and there seemed like no way out, while the army of Pharaoh were perusing them. Yes, you murmur and complain, lie on the minister, try to scandal and betray those that God has placed in authority. Hear me today that there comes a time in your life when you have to be still and wait on God to make that move. Stand still to see the salvation of the Lord. When the Lord sends someone to you wait and see the revelation of the word of God. It will unfold right before your eyes. We are going back to the beginning where it all started. Are you ready for the journey? God bless and keep you in His service.

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head

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Author: Godfrey Gregg