These influential women of the Bible impacted not only the nation of Israel but also eternal history. Some were saints; some were scoundrels. A few were queens, but most were commoners. All played a key role in the spectacular Bible story. Each woman brought her unique character to bear on her situation, and for this, we still remember her centuries later.

Rachel: Wife of Jacob and Mother of Joseph

Jacob and Rachel
Jacob declares his love for Rachel. 

Rachel became the wife of Jacob, but only after her father Laban had deceived Jacob into marrying Rachel’s sister Leah first. Jacob favoured Rachel because she was prettier. Rachel’s sons became heads of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Joseph had the most influence, saving Israel during a famine. Benjamin’s tribe produced the apostle Paul, the greatest missionary of ancient times. The love between Rachel and Jacob serves as an example to married couples of God’s abiding blessings.

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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