I read this booklet written by Robert Munger, a Presbyterian minister, once wrote a small booklet titled “My Heart, Christ’s Home.” In story form, he depicts Jesus being welcomed into our hearts as a guest. As Jesus explores each room, and even the hidden hall closet, Munger makes the case that when believers invite Jesus into their lives, He ought to occupy every aspect of it. Munger asks, “If your heart were a home, would Jesus Christ be an honoured guest or would he be a permanent resident?”

In chapter 3 of Ephesians, Paul prays that Christ takes up a permanent residence in their hearts and in their church. How are we supposed to pray for the church? We know we should, but what should our prayers be like? Here Paul shows us how. He asks that the Ephesians be strengthened with power through the Lord’s glorious riches. He acknowledges that if a church is to be strong in the midst of adversity and attacks by the enemy, it can only happen by God’s strength and power (verse 16). He then moves to pray for the church which is the inner being, or inner self. Some portions of Scripture emphasize prayer for our physical self. Here,

Paul prays for something deeper. He prays that Christ may dwell in their faithful hearts (verse 17). The word “dwell” connotes the idea of abiding forever. Paul prays that these believers will be rooted and established in love (verse 17). Using both an agricultural and an architectural term he drives home the point: the deeper the roots the higher the tree. The stronger the foundation the more fortified the structure. He concludes by praying that the depths of the richness of God’s grace, love, and greatness be lifted high in the church and throughout all generations (verses 18–21).

Read the Scriptures and spend time in prayer, asking Christ to dwell in your life and in the life of the church. Pray that He will not be just an honoured guest but a permanent resident.

Let us Pray

Father, we want you to permeate every area of our lives, for nothing is set apart from you. Consecrate our work, our home, our leisure, and our relationship to you. Teach us to worship you in all we do.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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