As you can see, multiple examples of bad wives can be found in the Bible! I have found eight of them from whose lives we can all learn: the five-husband wife, Adam’s wife, Lot’s wife, David’s wife, Ahab’s wife, Job’s wife, Potiphar’s wife, and Ananias’ wife! Obviously, many men in the Bible chose poorly. Is it any wonder Solomon would tell Rehoboam, He who finds a [good] wife finds a good thing! 

When it comes to the future of our country, women are by far more important than men. Why? Because God gives them the primary charge and responsibility to foster and form the character of the next generation of and for a nation! (1 Timothy 2:15). The future of any and all nations is largely determined by women, more so than men. Apart from their nurturing and embedding of character in their children, the bestowal of a godly model and heritage, there will be no tomorrow for any nation. 

Governments largely run on the character of men, but governments do not form the character of men—women do! 

A godly woman who invests in her family benefits not only her husband and her children but society as well. What a high calling! Praise God for His design! 

I should add here that I do not see any New Testament prohibition for women’s leading in the institution of government so long as their family remains the priority. 


Author: Godfrey Gregg

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