Combing through the entire Bible to find biblical boy names may be a daunting task. If you’re like some devout Christians, you read your favourite passages repeatedly, especially during trying times, but rarely read the entire book.

Our list of Bible names for boys includes less-used sacred names, as well as many of the favourites you’re likely familiar with. As you plan for the arrival of your baby, this list should be a timesaver for you.

Biblical Names for Boys and Meanings

If you’re looking for a holy or divine name for your baby boy, the Bible contains many options, some of which have held up well in the centuries since it was written.

62. Malachi

A name of Hebrew origin, Malachi means messenger of God.

A prophet in the Old Testament, Malachi is the final of the twelve minor prophets.

63. Mark

A Latin name, Mark means dedicated to Mars.

Mark remains an often-used boy’s name in the U.S.

64. Matthew

Matthew is a Hebrew name that means gift of God.

Matthew the Apostle was one of Jesus’ twelve apostles. In some churches, including Roman Catholic churches, Matthew is considered a saint.

65. Matthias

Coming from Hebrew, Greek, and German origins, Matthias also means the gift of God.

Matthias, one of the twelve apostles, was brought into the apostle brotherhood to replace Judas.

66. Micah

Micah, a Hebrew name, means who is like God.

67. Michael

Michael, a Hebrew name, also means who is like God.

Since this name has been so popular for so long, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of famous Michaels.

68. Moses

Another Hebrew name is Moses, which means saviour.

Moses is one of the most memorable characters in the Bible. One of the most dramatic miracles in the book involved Moses, who supposedly parted the Red Sea to help the Israelites escape slavery.



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