Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands”
(Prov. 14:1).

  1. Am I building up my house or tearing it down?
  2. Am I investing in my marriage? Am I nurturing the heart of my marriage?
  3. Do I frequently express admiration and gratitude to my husband?
  4. Am I reserving the best of my physical and emotional energy for my family?
  5. Am I creating a climate (through words, actions, and attitudes) that makes my husband want to be at home?
  6. Am I content to be “at home”? Am I finding my “fulfilment” through reverencing and serving my husband and family?
  7. Do I reserve intimate communication, looks, words, and touch for my husband? Am I giving of my emotions, attention, affection to a man other than my husband?
  8. Am I meeting my husband’s sexual needs?
  9. Am I trustworthy? Is there any behaviour or relationship I am involved in that I am keeping from my husband? Have I been totally honest with my husband?
  10. Does my husband have the freedom to be totally honest with me?
  11. Am I fueling sensual thoughts and desires through books, magazines, TV programs, music, or movies that are not morally pure?
  12. Have I become a “refuge” for a man who may be struggling in his marriage?
  13. Am I looking for a man other than my husband (pastor, counsellor, colleague) to be a primary source of counsellor to fill an emotional vacuum in my life?
  14. Do I have a more intimate relationship–physically, emotionally, or spiritually–with any man than I do with my husband?
  15. Does my demeanour tend to be “loud and defiant,” or do I communicate a meek, quiet, and submissive spirit?
  16. Am I a “wall” or a “door” (Song of Songs 8:12)? Am I a “loose” woman? Do I communicate with the men around me that I am “available”? Does my demeanour invite them to “partake” of intimate parts of my body, soul, or spirit? Do I engage in flirtatious speech, looks, or behaviour?
  17. Is there anything about my speech, actions, dress, or attitudes that could defraud the men around me?
  18. Am I discreet and restrained in the way I talk with men at work? Is my conversation ever loose, crude, or unbecoming for a woman of God? Am I expressing admiration for a man that should more appropriately come from his wife?
  19. Does my dress help men to keep their thoughts pure and Christ-centered? Is my dress feminine and modest?
  20. Have I erected (and am I maintaining) adequate “hedges” in my relationships with men? What are those hedges?
  21. Am I currently in a situation that is (or could become) compromising? Am I in a situation that could appear to others to be compromising?
  22. Would my husband, as well as other men and women who know me, say that I am a woman of moral virtue and purity?
  23. Have I purposed in my heart to be morally pure? Am I making myself accountable to my husband and to another godly woman for my walk with God and others?

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies”  (Prov. 31:10).

Author: Godfrey Gregg