Anniversary Greetings to My Beloved Mystical.

Anniversary Greetings to My Beloved Mystical

                                  BY: Bishop Andres B. Quow

We have come this far By Faith, not leaning on man….. But leaning on God. And because we are trusting in His Holy word, He never Fail us Yet. Today I want to say to God be all the Glory for Great Things He has done. The Mystical Order is Growing, One Thing for sure that I can say is, We are Not a Stagnant Ministry. Growth is indeed an important Factor in any Ministry or Organization.Growth is one of the many problem that most Churches go through. Today it is with Great Happiness and Pleasure to Be a part of This Ministry and to Celebrate 3 years Anniversary of its Existence. I’m sure if it wasn’t for the main Pillars of this Ministry we would of already crumbled……. The Main Pillars being God Himself as the Head, The Patriarch Darrin Hoyte-Johnson, The Arch-Bishop Godfrey Gregg and The Queen Abbess Patricia Hackshaw. Strong Churches starts with strong Leaders who are rooted and Grounded in Christ. The Mystical I’m sure went through its storms from time to time. But Praise be to God we haven’t jump ship, we haven’t gave up, we haven’t hang our heads in shame. But we are here still Declaring the Good News of God. As we move into our 4th year, lets us use the test, trials and many tribulations that we have gone through in the 3 previous years to build us. It is essential to have strong leaders within the Ministry. Leaders set the pace and set the example for the Ministry. There have never been a strong Ministry without Strong Leaders. There have never been a prayerful Ministry without prayerful Leaders, There have never been a growing Ministry without growing Leaders. If the Leaders are weak, the Ministry will be weak. But if leaders are strong the Ministry will be Strong…… Praise The Lord Hallelujah! I’m calling on every Member of this Ministry to pull their weight as we move on, Friends and Comrades put Your Shoulders to the wheel and do Your Duty with Your Hearts full of Love. Let us not be laid back. Every single part of our body has it’s use and Purpose. So is everyone within This Ministry, If we Keep on allowing only a certain part of our Body to work, at some point it will get tired and worn out. It is the same within any Ministry. I Pray God’s Guidance, Protection and Continued Blessings on Us all as a Ministry.The Abbess Mother Ursula Lawrence and Members of St Philomen Spiritual Baptist Church in St Croix USVI  and CFA Ministries in Roadtown Tortola BVI Congratulate The Mystical Order in Reaching Thus far. We have to keep in mind that step by step we are going Higher and Higher, let us Continue to put God at the Front of our lives. Let us Continue to Hope in God, for His Hope will never lead us to disappointment.

So a Happy Happy Happy 3rd Anniversary to The Mystical Order! Forward for Jesus we are going! We can do anything Through Christ who Strengthens us.
This is Your Captain Admiral, Rev Andres B. Quow.

Author: Godfrey Gregg