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A Godly Women Is Devoted To God, Her

Husband and Her Family

The Virtue of Devotion Means that God is the Center in the Life of a Christian Woman

Today’s generation of women has willingly given their hearts to many different things, with a man in the first place. “I give my heart to you” may be the most endearing words a woman can speak to the one she loves. But even beyond relationships, there are unspoken commitments to other things they believe will bring them security. Things like money, careers, even religious benevolence so easily entraps women in a false sense of fulfilment. Like Martha, the sister of Lazarus, who believed that her greatest contribution to Jesus was her service, many Christian women miss what God is really after, her heart.

God loves nothing more than a heart that is fully devoted to Him. For one of His children to choose wholeheartedly to love and serve Him is His deepest desire. But so often women are drawn away, wanting to be attached to something but not knowing what. The answer seems easy for those who already have set their hearts on God alone. Unfortunately, for those who are lost, it’s not always as clear.

True devotion is an enthusiastic, even passionate, dedication to someone or something. For Christian women, it is a selfless affection given to God. A woman who is devoted to God knows that only He can fulfil the desires of her heart. Only God can provide her security, her protection, her peace, and more. Everything within her clings to God as her lifeline, and nothing can turn her eyes from Him.

This kind of devotion may often start out as simply a choice to be committed to God. A new Christian probably won’t know the Word, or even know the first thing about God other than He just gave them the promise of salvation. But as that new believer continues to pursue the things of God, to dig into His Word and search out His commands and promises, they can begin to get a clearer picture of Who God is. As He reveals Himself to the heart of the believer, their faith increases. As their faith in Him increases, their love for Him begins to overflow. Through the process, they begin to lock themselves into Him in a deeper way than they did with anyone or anything else.

Devotion to God gives a Christian woman her purpose, even her identity. It produces in her a willingness to serve God, not just in the church but in her community and beyond. As she allows God to infiltrate every part of her life, Christ begins to shine through her. This is how God intends for His people to live.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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