1 Kings Chapter 19

Ahab told Jezebel how Elijah had killed all the Baal prophets. Jezebel sent a message to the man of God, saying that the gods can do the same and more if she does not make their life as that of one of them.

Elijah saw that he could not remain in Israel as Jezebel had vowed to kill him. Elijah was not afraid to die, according to verse 4, but he did not want Jezebel to murder him. If she succeeds, then all his work would be in vain.

Elijah Seeks Refuge

Elijah could remain in a dangerous environment where he will be forcing the Lord to protect him. So he ran away. He went to Beersheba which was ruled by a king of Judah. But even in Beersheba, he still felt a strain. He had a good experience on Mt. Carmel, but the experience was also a struggle.

He had run in front of the chariot of Ahab and as a result, he was weary. Now he asked God to take his life. Then he fell asleep. As he slept under a tree, God sent an angel who gave him food and water. This gave Elijah enough strength to walk 300 miles to Mount Sinai.

Elijah on Mt. Sinai

On Mt. Sinai, God asked Elijah what he was doing there. Elijah replied that he was jealous to serve the Lord as Israelites have rebelled against God. He thought he was the only righteous man left in Israel. But that was not true. Obadiah, a palace officer, was still faithful to God. And a hundred prophets whom he protected were faithful to God. Soon the Lord would tell Elijah about the many Israelites who were serving Him.

Instructions for Elijah

The Lord told Elijah to go to the wilderness of Damascus and anoint Hazael as king of Syria. He also said to anoint Jehu as the king of Israel and Elisha as a prophet in his place. It will be that he who flees Hazael’s sword shall Jehu kill, and whoever escapes Jehu’s sword shall Elisha kill. God said he had reserved 700 in Israel who had not bowed before Baal and their mouths have not kissed it.

Elisha to Succeed Elijah

Elijah went over to Elisha, who was plowing. Elijah threw his coat on him. By this action, Elijah showed that Elisha would succeed him. Elisha had always wanted to serve the Lord, so he considered this to be a chance. He turned back from Elijah, took the yoke of oxen, and slaughtered them and prepared their flesh. He gave it to the people and followed Elijah.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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