HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

“Lord Jesus Christ our God, Eternal Word of the Father, through Your utmost love for humankind, You took upon Yourself our human form. Your condescension is ineffable and incomprehensible. You opened the gates of Paradise to the race of Adam and granted us immortality through Your Cross and Resurrection.

You sent down the Holy Spirit upon Your Holy Disciples and Apostles, who illuminated the entire world and led us all to the Truth. Hearken unto us who fall down before You in humility. O All-Hearing, All-Blessed, and All-Beneficent Lord receive our petition. O Source of good, Giver of every blessing, and Provider of every beneficence, extend Your helping hand to us, You who always give so much more than we ask.

Deliver us, Lord, from this grim pandemic and from its terrible attendant afflictions. Send Your all-healing grace to the sick; grant unto them encouragement and swift and complete healing. Strengthen the doctors and all those who are treating the sick. Shelter all of us under Your protection.

O Physician of souls and bodies, grant to us, Your servants, the health of body and soul, a sound mind and a pure heart, every blessing from above, and renew a right spirit within us. Teach us Your precepts and grant us, O Master, faith through active love and constant hope, so that Your most holy and celestial name might be glorified, and that every brother and sister, the ‘beloved of God,’ may be served. Incline Your ear, O

Lord, Who rose from the dead and raised us with You, and establish us in the keeping of Your commandments, through the intercession of the First among the Saints, the Theotokos, the Life-Giving Spring, who ceaselessly provides ‘inexhaustible healing floods,’ and through the prayers of all the Saints who have been well-pleasing to You, ‘the Most Holy Word of all the Holy.’ Amen.”

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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