The great mystics of all religions agree that in the very depths of the unconscious, in every one of us, there is a living presence that is not touched by time, place or circumstance. Life has only one purpose, they add, and that is to discover this presence. The men and women who have done this – William Branham, Oral Roberts, Francis of Assisi, for example, Mahatma Gandhi, Teresa of Avila, the Compassionate Buddha – are living proof of the words of Jesus Christ, ‘The kingdom of heaven is within.’

But they are quick to tell us — every one of them – that no one can enter that kingdom, and discover the Ruler who lives there, who has not brought the movement of the mind under control. And they do not pretend that our own efforts to tame the mind will suffice in themselves. Grace, they remind us, is all-important. ‘Increase in my grace,’ Thomas Kempis prays, ‘that I may be able to fulfil thy words, and to work out my own salvation.’

“The hallmark of the man or woman of God is gratitude – endless, passionate gratitude for the precious gift of spiritual awareness…. it surrounds us always. Like a wind that is always blowing,” said Francis de Sales; “like fire,” said Catherine of Genoa, “that never stops burning. like a whirlwind said, William Branham the servant for this age.

What will you do with your time and how will you utilize it to bring fruits to meet for repentance.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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