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Thankfulness and gratitude are both expressed verbally.  An expression of gratitude would normally accompany an action to express gratitude in a deeper way.  A thank you note or card would probably be part of the token of gratitude so both would be expressed together.  However, thankfulness does not necessarily include a gift.  Often thankful words are expressed when something unpleasant like an accident, has been avoided.


A simple handshake or hug would be sufficient to say thank you.  Gratitude may be expressed further with a gift or an invitation to participate in an event to express gratitude.


Most families raise their children to remember to say thank you as part of their upbringing.  It is polite to say thank you.  Gratitude may be expressed with a thank you.  For example one may say, Thank you, I am grateful for your help.  In this way, both the words thankful and grateful are part of the same expression of thanks.


There are differences in societies and cultures around the world and different gestures and words demonstrate the thanks given.  Thankfulness is expressed through the language of the culture. Gratitude is shown with a gift or an action in many countries.  Some countries have festivals and feasts to celebrate thankfulness.  Thanksgiving, for example, is an American tradition of gathering families together to give thanks and show gratitude for one another.

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