Archbishop Frank Simon service will be held at St. Elizabeth Spiritual Baptist Cathedral in Belmont and his body interred within the churchyard alongside the Patriarch Edmond John. I lit only one candle with my open Bible. Prayer makes the darkest cloud withdraw. Hallelujah.Image result for flickering candle animated gif

When there is something wrong among the brethren you have to stand up for something. The recent BAD behaviour of a clergy member in the Archdiocese St. Vincent and the Grenadines caused an outpouring of complaints towards that member. A woman who usurp authority over the Executive Council while the men sat without backbone and refused to put her in check.

She had a problem with the cleric for years and plotted to have him disciplined and was trying to force his resignation. My concern was she’s living in a glass house and was throwing stones, forgetting that mangoes were on her own tree. Who have eyes to see will see. A great grand mistress said, “some see and some saw”. You will have to figure it out and draw your own conclusion.

Regardless of how anyone feels with my social media actions, let me state here that Frank was my Lodge brother and I fought for his justice and demand his rights. There are so many people living without common sense and in this case, there wasn’t any. I knew you wanted him out and God took him home to be with Him in Glory. You, woman and that man should have been glad that the position is vacant and makes it easier to fill the chair he vacated. You lack wisdom, common understanding and knowledge in dealing with that situation. You do not bring personal animosity, jealousy and hatred in the house of God. How dare any of you to remove God’s anointed? Where is your insight into the teaching of the word of God? From whence came you, traitors of the faith, believing that you are the only one with some form of authority.

Your spirit of Jezebel trying to overthrow the Throne of God, the spirit of Deliah that is trying to cut down the very foundation of God’s Providence. I dare you to stand up to me and make the challenge. I believe you will know better next time to rise up against The Mystical Order and see where you will be. That is the problem in the church when women are placed in authority without knowing their responsibilities.

I stood up for what is morally right for a brother and having done that I stand proud as a true and loyal brother for Sir Frank. The dark cloud has moved but it is going to rain soon. God bless you and keep you my readers in His safekeeping.


HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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