ab9Praise the Lord for another day to be on the land of the living and for seeing another sunrise. As David asked us to praise the Lord form one sun rise to another even unto the setting of the same. My brothers and sisters in the Lord and The Mystical Order it is time again to look at another phase of the lives of David and Saul.
More than a couple of times, King Saul tried to pin David to the wall with his spear but David eluded him. David served a king (Saul) with serious issues. Saul had already disobeyed the order of God and had lost his anointing from God. Saul wasn’t just someone that David would see every now and then. He lived in the same house with his king. Today we serve God in the same church with those that have serious issues with God and His anointing. Many ministers are not aware of their state of affairs with the God we serve. Many have fallen from grace and there is no way to get back to the cross. I thank God and John Bunyan for that dream that has guided us and showed us the way forward. Evangelist was able to guide Pilgrim back to the road to the Celestial City. For straight is the way and narrow is the gate that leads us to the shinning light.
And later, the once anointed King Saul pursued David to the ends of the earth. David was not the problem with Saul. Saul had lost his way with God and he had David for a way of escape, to satisfy his failure. Yet David kept his peace, his mouth and respect for the authority that was over him. David remained faithful to Saul who was still king over him while he was in Israel. Not once, was it recorded that David went and told anyone that their leader was demon possessed or he needed deliverance. No, whenever he had the chance to instruct his spiritual sons, he would say to them, “How can we touch God’s anointed leader and be guiltless?” I tell you my brothers and sisters of this faith that we serve and the people that surround us, your journey is now starting. How dare you to go to another to discuss your leader that God has put in place over you. You are not in any position to criticize your leader to another. You are on your own, for in so doing you are speaking against God who places that person in position.
For example, David and his servant Abishai were in a cave. King Saul was in hot pursuit after him. He was sleeping in that same cave. David and Abishai sneaked up on Saul and Abishai said to David, let me kill him, it will only take me once to spear him through. David said to him, “Abishai what do you and me have in common?” Meaning, Abishai if you are going to be like me, do like you see me do. David said to him, “I will not touch God’s anointed.” God had anointed him to be the next king, yet David would not touch the wicked King Saul, and he didn’t. So can anyone find a close example of David in your gathering or church. It is not an eye for an eye, nor a tooth for a tooth. You cannot touch what God has anointed and put in place. Whether you like the choice or not, it is not in your place to remove the ancient land mark.
Today I can only exhort you with the word of God and encourage you to walk in your vocation wherein you were called to serve your God. As we continue talking and learning about David and Saul and how God played in their lives. I trust that you will search the Scriptures and find and establish the truth in and around your lives and communities.
Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head
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Author: Godfrey Gregg