Today I want to join with all ministers, clergy and members of The Mystical Order in New York, Canada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the United Kingdom and Trinidad and Tobago to thank a man with a vision that has brought us here.

I Darrin Johnson speak of no other person than the Patriarch and Presiding Prelate HH Sir Godfrey Gregg. A devoted brother and fellow minister in the Gospel. Sir Godfrey is a very devoted man of God, father, friend to many and brother to all.

I want to thank him for this media forum bringing us a word daily for the last six years and he is never tired nor weary and that speaks much of the man I am honouring today. His battles are not easy ones, but his struggles are everyone’s day after day. I was glad to meet him and I speak for many more that came in contact with him over the years.

The task ahead is not an easy one but I do not see any quitting around the corner, because the vision is real and bearing fruits. The list of ministers asked to express their love and adoration for you Sir Godfrey and as head of this organization, I have written your name on the Mystical Page of HONOUREES for the year 2018.

Sir Darrin Johnson                                                  Janet McClean

Patricia Hackshaw                                                  Adrian Toussaint

Michael Bailey                                                        Eric Alleyne

Lewis Roberts                                                          Troy Phillips

Andres Quow                                                          Lynette Charles

Carl Walker                                                              Anthony O’Conner

Sean Worrel                                                             Patrice Campbell

Tracey Perkins                                                         Hamilton Raymond Deane

Marcia                                                                      Brenda

Julia                                                                          Ann

Cageian Inniss                                                          Lystra Harrison

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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