SUMMARY OF 1 Kings Chapter 4

1 Kings Chapter 4

1 Kings Chapter 4 is about Solomon’s officials and governors. It talked about how Solomon ruled over the entire land of Israel and his chief officials.

Naming Solomon’s Chief Officials

There was namely the priest who was Azariah, the two secretaries, Elihoreph and Ahijah, the recorder, son of Jehoshaphat who was Ahilud, the commander-in-chief, Benaiah, two priests Zadok and Abiathar, the one who was in charge of the district governors, Azariah, the son of Nathan.

Also, there was the palace administrator who was Ahishar and the one who took care of the forced labour, Adoniram. These were the ones who ran the kingdom of Solomon.

Solomon’s Territory

Solomon had twelve districts all over Israel; he assigned people who were in charge of these lands. They were to govern the towns that were all over Israel and they were to make sure that provisions were given once a month. The people of Israel were happy.

They were able to eat, drink and be joyful. The countries that Solomon ruled were his tribute. They were said to be his subjects all his life. His daily provisions were bountiful and he made sure that everyone lived safely under their own vine and fig tree.

Solomon’s Wisdom

God blessed Solomon and gave him wisdom. His breadth of understanding was measureless and could not be compared to anyone else in the world. His wisdom was so great that people from all around have heard of him. No one in the east or anywhere else in Egypt could match his wisdom.

Solomon was said to speak 3,000 proverbs, the songs that he sung numbered to 1,005. He spoke about all things in the world that were useful, people from all over the land would come and visit just to hear his words of wisdom. Kings from all around would send people from different nations to listen to him.

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