A wonderful husband and father will not take these 4 responsibilities/functions lightly.

1. To be there for his family at all times.

A responsible father and husband is not an absent father or husband. When he is needed by both his wife and his children, he is always there. He can be counted upon and dependable when needed.

2. To be financially responsible and provide for his family.

He is a provider and takes financially beneficial decisions that would help the family. He would not for example take risky investment decisions where the family has only one stream of income and he would ensure that his wife is a crucial part of any financial decisions he makes.

3. To protect his family.

A great father and husband know that this is one of his sole responsibility. His wife and children should feel a sense of security with him around and he should do all that is within his power to engender this sense of security.

4. To show unconditional love and care to his family.

A great father and husband take good care of his wife and children. They are not in doubt about how much he loves the family and every one of them.ROLE

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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