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“Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks: walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparks that ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand; ye shall lie down in sorrow.” (Isaiah 50:11).

What a solemn warning to those who walk in darkness and yet who try to help themselves out into the light. They are represented as kindling a fire and compassing themselves with sparks. What does this mean?

What it means that when we are in darkness the temptation is to find a way without trusting in the Lord and relying upon Him. Instead of letting Him help us out, we try to help ourselves out. We seek the light of nature and get the advice of our friends. We try the conclusions of our reason, and might almost be tempted to accept a way of deliverance which would not be the will of God. You might go to the psychic, the “seer man” to get help and what you are doing is satisfying yourself. You fail to rely on the trust and the Holy Spirit. If you listen carefully you will hear the voice saying “My grace is sufficient to keep you”. Hallelujah

All these are fires of our own kindling; rushlights that will surely lead us onto the shoals. And God will let us walk in the light of those sparks, but the end will be sorrow.

Beloved, do not try to get out of a dark place, except, in God’s time and in God’s way. The time of trouble is meant to teach you lessons that you sorely need. As a believer trusting in the Lord, know that your steps are ordered by the Lord and that He is your Guide who will lead you into pastures fresh and green. Do not be in a rush. The glamour may be there but danger lurks along the way.

Premature deliverance may frustrate God’s work of grace in your life. Just commit the whole situation to Him. Be willing to abide in darkness so long as you have His presence. Remember that it is better to walk in the dark with God than to walk alone in the light. Hallelujah

Cease meddling with God’s plans and will. You touch anything of His, and you mar the work. You may move the hands of a clock to suit you, but you do not change the time; so you may hurry the unfolding of God’s will, but you harm and do not help the work. You can open a rosebud but you spoil the flower. Leave all to Him. Hands down. Thy will, not mine.

Sometimes I wish I had this revelation before, but I cannot change the history of yesterday. I would do a better thing today because I will place all in the hands of God and let Him do the work and I will follow. Here am I Lord, send me. Relying on Him alone for all my directions. I am on that pathway and God is asking to remove self so He can harness the positive energy in me for His honour and glory. Trust Him for all.

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