1 Timothy Chapter 1 Questions

  1. Who is this letter addressed to?
  2. What 3 books are known as Pastoral Epistles?
  3. Why does Paul speak of Timothy as his son?
  4. Where was this letter written from?
  5. Approximately when was the letter written?
  6. What nationality were Timothy’s parents?
  7. Who would Timothy minister to primarily?
  8. Why did Paul circumcise Timothy?
  9. What is difficult to understand about this?
  10. Where were some of the places that Timothy went with Paul to minister?
  11. Who was Timothy taught in the Scriptures by?
  12. What does Paul call himself in verse 1?
  13. What does the word that “apostle” was translated from mean?
  14. What is hope?
  15. What 3 things did Paul speak as blessings on Timothy?
  16. Who was Paul’s favourite of all that he had ministered with?
  17. While Paul went to Macedonia, what did he want Timothy to do?
  18. Why did Paul desire Timothy to do this?
  19. What was Timothy’s teaching like?
  20. What does the word “charge” show in verse 3?
  21. What are the fables in verse 4 referring to?
  22. What was the “Talmud”?
  23. How can you build up your most holy faith?
  24. What is the end of the commandment?
  25. What makes a pure heart?
  26. What does “unfeigned” mean?
  27. What does “jangling” mean?
  28. Why should they not be teachers of the law?
  29. The law is good, if a man use it ___________.
  30. If Jesus did not come to destroy the law and the prophets, what did He come to do?


1 Timothy Chapter 1 Continued Questions

  1. The law is good, if a man use it ____________.
  2. Who is the law made for?
  3. The law is given to protect the _____________.
  4. Why were the over 600 laws and ordinances were given by God to man?
  5. What kind of laws do these cover?
  6. The author would call these the _________ for ________.
  7. What law is there against the righteous living?
  8. What is the penalty for sin?
  9. Name some of the sins mentioned specifically.
  10. How is the only way to avoid the penalty for our sin?
  11. What is meant by “sound doctrine”?
  12. What is the “glorious gospel”?
  13. Whose message did Paul bring?
  14. Who, or what, did Paul credit with his being a minister?
  15. Why did Jesus bother with Paul?
  16. What description of himself did Paul give about his life before Jesus?
  17. Paul obtained ________.
  18. How were we like Paul?
  19. What must we become, after we are saved?
  20. What is “grace”?
  21. What did Paul call himself in verse 15?
  22. Jesus is Savior of ____________.
  23. What does the name Jesus mean?
  24. What caused Paul to think that he was chief among sinners?
  25. What did Paul believe would make others believe they could receive salvation?
  26. How does Paul describe God in verse 17?
  27. Who is King?
  28. Who did Paul call Timothy in verse 18?
  29. What made Paul believe that Timothy would fight the good fight?
  30. What two things in verse 19, did Paul say Timothy had?
  31. Who had Paul delivered to Satan?


1 Timothy Chapter 2 Questions

  1. What are several different words that all mean prayer in verse 1?
  2. Who did Paul instruct Timothy to pray for?
  3. What makes the church strong?
  4. What kind of life should we live?
  5. What is the difference between serving a godly king, and one who is not godly?
  6. Who does God want to be saved?
  7. Why is the Lord delaying His coming?
  8. What is the knowledge of the Truth?
  9. Who is the mediator between God and man?
  10. When was the veil of the temple torn from the top to the bottom?
  11. What is “ransom” in verse 6 speaking of?
  12. What does “testify” mean?
  13. What 2 things did Paul call himself in verse 7?
  14. What does “verity” mean?
  15. Which message was Paul telling Timothy was the Truth?
  16. In verse 8, Paul said to do what when you pray?
  17. How are the women to dress?
  18. What beauty should the woman have?
  19. About what is the ratio of women to men in the churches today?
  20. Why does the author believe verse 11 was given to Timothy here?
  21. Why do we know that Paul really did not believe what he said to these people in verse 12?
  22. Then why did Paul say this?
  23. Adam was first formed, then ______.
  24. Adam was not deceived, he _________ in ______ _________.
  25. Eve was __________.
  26. What does Adam symbolize here?
  27. What does Eve symbolize?
  28. Who is the Savior of the world?
  29. How do we know that verse 15 is not to be taken literally?


1 Timothy Chapter 3 Questions

  1. What is the correct translation of “man” in verse 1?
  2. What does “bishop” mean?
  3. What are the qualifications of a bishop in verse 2?
  4. What does “vigilant” mean?
  5. What are the great powers in this world?
  6. Some of the things warned against in verse 3 are things causing the person to lose control of his _____.
  7. When you want anything that belongs to someone else, you are ____________.
  8. What type of spirit does the minister need?
  9. Children, obey your ___________.
  10. What is a “novice”?
  11. What would cause him to fall into the condemnation of the devil?
  12. How can a person not be moved by winds of false doctrine?
  13. Lucifer fell to the temptation of __________.
  14. The devil goes around like a __________ _____, seeking whom he may devour.
  15. Describe the deacon from verse 8.
  16. A double-tongued person is ___________ in all their ways.
  17. What is the job of the deacon?
  18. What should the minister spend his time doing?
  19. When was, the Christians understanding opened to the mystery of God?
  20. What should you do, before you appoint someone to be a deacon?
  21. What characteristics should their wives have?
  22. Why must a deacon be bold in the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?
  23. Why had Paul sent this letter to Timothy?


1 Timothy Chapter 4 Questions

  1. What does the word “expressly” mean?
  2. The Spirit is what?
  3. When did the latter times begin?
  4. What is meant by “giving heed to seducing spirits”?
  5. When will the great falling away of the church occur?
  6. What will it be like in the latter days?
  7. The doctrine Paul was warning of was a doctrine of _________.
  8. What makes the author believe they were Christians?
  9. What are they lying about?
  10. How had they gotten into this false doctrine?
  11. In verse 3, what specific false things were they teaching?
  12. Why did God make males and females in the flesh?
  13. What has our society done regarding animals that God would not approve of?
  14. What is the only restriction for eating meat?
  15. What did Jesus say to do for the 12-year-old girl he raised?
  16. Why do we know it is alright to wear coats made from the skin or hide of an animal?
  17. Every creature of God is _______.
  18. What word leaves no doubt that this is speaking of the flesh of an animal?
  19. The meat is sanctified by what?
  20. What does “sanctified” in verse 5 mean?
  21. If Timothy does what, he will be a good minister of Jesus Christ.
  22. Who are the “brethren” spoken of here?
  23. Refuse profane and old wives’ _________.
  24. What is the best exercise we can get?
  25. What is the most a person can do with bodily exercise?
  26. Who is the Living God?
  27. Christianity is a ________, not a ____ time experience.
  28. What did Paul caution Timothy against in verse 12?
  29. What 3 things did Paul tell Timothy to give attendance to?
  30. What was Timothy cautioned not to neglect?
  31. What is the purpose of the gifts of the Spirit?
  32. Timothy must give all of his attention to the ____________.


1 Timothy Chapter 5 Questions

  1. Rebuke not an _______, but entreat him as a _________.
  2. What was he honouring when he honoured him as a father?
  3. The elder women as __________.
  4. Why did he use the term “widows indeed”?
  5. Who should take care of the elderly?
  6. Why do people today not care for their parents generally?
  7. Those who are widows indeed, trusts in ____.
  8. Who was a widow like the one in verse 5?
  9. The church is as strong as what?
  10. What kind of woman is verse 6 describing?
  11. Why was Paul sending all of these details of controlling a church to Timothy?
  12. Those who will not provide for their own are worse than a ______.
  13. How old must a widow be for the church to take over her support?
  14. Describe the character of the woman that the church would provide for?
  15. Why did they not take in younger women who had lost their husbands?
  16. What does the idle do in verse 13?
  17. Paul suggested that the younger women _________.
  18. Who is the adversary spoken of in verse 14?
  19. Who accuses us before the Father?
  20. Who is our High Priest?
  21. What has the battle been between?
  22. Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of ________ honour.
  23. Who were those who were specially mentioned in verse 17?
  24. Thou shalt not ________ the ox that treadeth out the corn.
  25. Where should the minister earn his living?
  26. How many witnesses must you have against an elder?
  27. What should be done to elders who sin?
  28. Why should it be public?
  29. Do nothing by _______________.
  30. Why is partiality wrong?
  31. What two things could “lay hands suddenly on no man” mean?
  32. What did Paul tell Timothy to do for his infirmities?
  33. Is this Scripture instruction for all ministers?
  34. Why did Paul tell Timothy to do this?


1 Timothy Chapter 6 Questions

  1. How is a servant to treat his master?
  2. Why is he to do this?
  3. What is another word that “servants” could have been translated in verse 1?
  4. Because a person comes to Christ, does not free them from their _____________.
  5. Why should the servant do a better job after he, or she, come to Christ?
  6. When the master and the servant both are Christians, what effect should that have on their positions?
  7. Why is Paul getting into all these details?
  8. Proclaiming yourself a Christian does not mean you are a _________.
  9. The Jews that had come to Christ were extremely _______ conscious.
  10. What were the converted Jews constantly questioning?
  11. What caused much of the strife in the early church?
  12. Those with corrupt minds supposed what was godliness.
  13. We must not use God for __________ ____.
  14. What are the only true riches?
  15. The people in this world are temporary _________.
  16. If we could take our big cars and our fine homes to heaven with us, what would we discover?
  17. Having _______ and _________ let us be therewith content.
  18. What are the keywords in verse 9?
  19. What is his mind stayed upon?
  20. It is not riches that send a person to hell, but what?
  21. What does this type of lust cause a person to do?
  22. How must we deal with riches, if we find ourselves in that position?
  23. For the ______ of money is the root of all evil.
  24. What are you doing, when you covet?
  25. What really condemns us or saves us regarding money?
  26. Why did Jesus require more of the rich young ruler?
  27. Did he fulfil the requirements?
  28. Anything that we put ahead of God, is our _____.


1 Timothy Chapter 6 Continued Questions

  1. Why did the author feel it important to repeat verse 10 from the last lesson?
  2. The ______ of _______ is the root of all evil.
  3. It is not the fact that you have money that is evil; it is your _________ toward the money,
  4. How much money would you sell your soul for?
  5. What did Paul say, in verse 11, to follow when you fled the temptation of riches?
  6. What separates someone as a man of God?
  7. To be a “righteous” man means what?
  8. What does “godliness” mean?
  9. Fight the good fight of _________.
  10. Lay hold on __________ ________.
  11. In Romans chapter 8 verses 35 through 39, what can separate a true Christian from God?
  12. Who quickeneth all things?
  13. How does Paul express how truthful his statement is in verse 13?
  14. How long is he to keep this commandment?
  15. Who will Jesus appear to at the end?
  16. Who is the blessed and only Potentate?
  17. What will Jesus be, when He returns to the earth?
  18. Jesus is the _______.
  19. He is the __________ of all Light.
  20. What are the sun and moon?
  21. What are some words that show His eternity?
  22. What are the rich in this world charged to be?
  23. Who are the rich, as well as the poor, to trust in?
  24. What is willing to communicate telling Timothy?
  25. Where are they to lay up in store for the days to come?
  26. What did Paul tell Timothy to avoid in verse 20?
  27. The Bible is the __________ that everything else should be judged by.

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