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To persevere in prayer means to persist in prayer and never give up. To persevere in prayer says we are determined to believe all things are possible with God and whether we see the answer manifest in our lifetime or not, we will sow prayers by faith.

Persevering in prayer is not easy. Often our petitions are made from hearts that are hurting and grieving and, at the same time, the lack of an answer causes pain and sorrow, too.

For years, David lived in desperate circumstances waiting for God to answer the calling on his life. Although David had been anointed as a youth by Samuel to be the next king, he did not become king until in his thirties. Not only did David have to wait to take the throne but he spent much of that time as a fugitive, on the run from Saul who was determined to kill him. Then later David had to flee from his son, Absalom, who tried to usurp him.

Yet David’s prayers show a mind at rest, belief in God’s timing, faith and strength—qualities we can have as we persistently petition God.

You can do it as David did, he never gave up, but he believed in the promises that God gave him. For, God has spoken and He will bring it to pass in His own time. Keep on praying. You are doing well. Stay shut in with God and wait, the answer is on its way.

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