Proverbs 21:5 says this and I love what it says, by the way, “The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness, but everyone that is hasty, only to want.”

First of all, let me say this! Thoughts are wonderful…the way God intended them because thoughts by definition are “inventions”. And an invention is nothing less than the product of an imagination or thought. Lately I have been warring with thoughts but I am so thankful that I know the “Father of Invention”! He’s my Daddy! God is a God of thoughts! Psalm 40:5 says that God’s thoughts toward us are more than can be numbered. Do you know what that means? If He is that way, we are that way, because we have been made in His image! There are just multitudes of inventions, more than can be numbered, just waiting to be produced on the inside of you and on the inside of me! So, rather than think of the things that can’t happen or won’t happen and produce a whole lot of nothing…think about what’s possible for us because we believe and get creating, making, and bringing into being! What haven’t you thought of yet? It’s waiting!

I feel like I could just explode with how awesome God’s word is! As I studied that word “diligent”, I learned that to be diligent is to be deliberate or intentional in the way we think! When God created us, He was very deliberate in making us His companion and He never intended for us to ever be apart from Him! And I love how diligent God is! When sin entered in, God deliberately thought… “ I know what they have done but I chose them and I still choose them! They are mine! I love them! I want to save them! I want to heal them! I want to deliver them and give them peace! I want to prosper them and give them an abundant life!” And just look what His thoughts invented! He, through Jesus, produced this beautiful fellowship with the loving Father we have today. How great is our God? Let me count the ways!

And to think that “God’s thoughts toward us are more than can be numbered.” When the gravity of Psalm 40:5 hit me, that God’s thoughts toward me, what just the thought of me causes Him to want to invent or produce and that those thoughts can’t even be numbered! How exciting is that? That God is continually producing His intentions and His purposes for my life! He is constantly inventing good things for me! And you know what’s even more exciting…what can I invent every time of think of Him. What can my meditation on God and His word produce? It’s my privilege and yours…to find out! I encourage you! Open your mind today and just think and allow God to think of you…invention in the making!

Just as He invented The Mystical Order to serve Him in every capacity of life. That was His purpose. Not to be be lord over any, but in love to serve Him and our fellow brethren. While man may have a different thought, the ways of our God are pass finding out. On this Father’s day brethren, think of your purpose why you are here and why you were called to this ministry. We are not our own and at some time we were connected to some one and that is our Father in heaven. Stay connected this Father’s day and God bless you. Remember you are His inventions.

Author: Godfrey Gregg