If you are a husband and feel that you are lacking in any of the attributes and responsibilities listed above, it is never too late to change for the better. It is also not too difficult to change. All it requires is to take positive action in the direction of the 24 attributes listed above. To help you take those steps, doing these 11 things will help you become a better husband and father that has the 24 characteristics listed above.

1. Always affirm your love for your wife and children.

Always tell your children you love them unconditionally. The same goes for your wife too. And more than telling them, also show them every day through your actions that you love them very much.

2. Don’t shy away from resolving conflicts in the family when they arise.

This is another sure way of working towards becoming a great husband and father. When issues arise at home, don’t shut them down or sweep them under the rug hoping they will go away. This will only heighten the tension in the home and make it an uncomfortable and unbearable environment to be in.

3. Don’t take sides when your children fight but objectively and dispassionately resolve the conflicts that they may have.

Hear them out and try as much as possible to be an unbiased umpire. If you pick sides you would make some of your children feel that you don’t love them as much as their sibling whose side you picked. To avoid picking sides, you can ask them both to not go anywhere and stay put until they resolve their differences.

4. Don’t have favourites among your children.

This is one mistake that parents, including fathers, make. And this only serves to bring acrimony and unnecessary tension in the home. Do not have favourites and even if you do, let it not be so obvious to your children that you have a favourite. All your children must feel equally loved by you.

5. Do not fight with your wife in front of the kids.

A loving and respectful husband knows that this is one rule that must never be broken. It is wrong and disrespectful of both your wife and the kids to fight with your wife in the presence of the kids. This will also make your children resent you. Regardless of how you may feel about what you think your wife did wrong, wait until you are in the privacy of your room and then talk about it.

6. Affirm and compliment your wife in front of your children.

This is important in showing the children that there is mutual love and respect between you and their mother. It also provides a good example for them to emulate.

7. Help out your wife as much as you possibly can.

As much as possible, assist your wife at home. Being a mom can be daunting especially if you have more than one child and the kids are all still very young.

8. Have date nights regularly with your wife.

This helps to keep the flames of love and passion burning ever so brightly. If you want to be a great husband to your wife, then you know that love and romance must never be missing from the equation of your marriage. Whether it’s a regular lunch or dinner date, or a romantic picnic in a park, always find creative and fun ways to have regular dates with your wife.

9. Keep things hot and steamy in the bedroom with your wife.

Sex is as important in your marriage as it was when you were dating her. Never let the fire fizzle out in the bedroom. Keep things exciting and steamy and be open to trying out new ideas with your wife in the bedroom. She will find your sense of adventure refreshing and thrilling.

10. Take your daughter(s) out on dates.

This is a great way of showing your daughter that she is loved and valued. Taking your daughter out on dates would also help in not making her fall prey to just about any man because he took her out on a date. She would know that going on dates is no big deal because her daddy spoils her on dates often and dates are no reason to give in to a man even when he is a jerk.

11. Spend quality time with your sons doing the things they love doing.

This is also important. It shows your son that you love him and are interested in his life. If he loves playing baseball or basketball, you can learn to play too or ensure that you attend as many of his basketball games and practices as possible.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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