It is always a privilege to be embraced by two Queens at the same time, and in this month of October, I want to mention our own Queen Abbess Dr Patricia and Queen Mother Dr Maltina Adonis.

Two women from different Islands, the same faith and now living in the same country of the United States. However, the ocean and sea meet but do not mix. There is a reason and God knows the answer. These two precious women have one thing in common and that is to glorify God.

We hardly hear any good thing spoken these days, but I want to change the course for today and remind us that with God all things are possible. I can refer to them as Ruth and Noami or both of them as Queen Esther.

These women are pillars of strength and power and to God, I give all honour and glory as we celebrate with them this month honouring the men and women of the faith. I want you to know The Mystical Order and I personally appreciate all that you do for me and this ministry giving me the support, prayers and your blessings.

In everything my beloved through prayers and supplications let your requests be made known to God.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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