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HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

So the Edomites revolted from under the hand of Judah unto this day. The same time also did Libnah revolt from under his hand; because he had forsaken the Lord God of his fathers.. 2 Chronicles 21:10. 

AS long as the kings of Judah remained true to their allegiance to God they were able to keep in subjection the surrounding nations, but just so soon as they revolted from God these peoples revolted from them. It was as though power descended into them from the source of all power; and when the link between themselves and God was broken, that between them and their subordinates was broken also. Therefore, brethren, I warn you to keep the link in your home to save your family from revolting. When that chain or link is broken with the praying parents it trickles down to the children and they get out of control. You notice it in the family at the time of bereavement and long after death.

This applies very widely: To our passions. If they master you, rebelling against and revolting from your hand, it is because there is some flaw in your consecration, and you have forsaken to some extent the Lord God. On the other hand, there are those like Nimrod who willingly wandered off to create problems for the church, family and community. They will go at all cost to bring to nought any structure that will make them a better person.

To our families. When the heads of a home are in perfect unity with each other and God, they may generally expect that their children will grow up submissive and obedient. Their authority will be recognised and honoured. Revolt in the home indicates very often some lapse in obedience and loyalty to God.

To our influence over men. When the soul is in blessed fellowship with God, power flows into it from Him, before which strongholds are overthrown. Micah 3:8 “But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the LORD, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin.” said the prophet. ”

For I am a man under authority, having soldiers under me: and I say to this man, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it.10 When Jesus heard it, he marvelled, and said to them that followed, Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.11 And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven.” said the centurion. (Matthew 8:9-11)

Give yourself entirely to Jesus. Obey Him absolutely; receive by faith from Him living power and grace; be a channel through which He may pour Himself, and you will find that men and things will fall into line at your bidding, and you shall receive power. Our Libnahs will not revolt unless we forsake the Lord God of our fathers. May we look into our lives and surrounding and try to find that broken link. Find out what caused the link to be broken. Is there a crack that is causing you the problem. I am saying to you this morning to ask God to fix the problem for you and save your home, your life, your church and community. Do not wait for everything to fall apart now.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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