BY: Sir Dr. Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson


This week I stand proud as the Patriarch and Presiding Prelate of  The Mystical Order and as the Grand Commanding Officer of The Mystical Court. From the very first discussion I knew we were up for a fight, but with Christ in our vessel, we have weathered the storms for the first three years. Today I stand proud alongside my Archbishop and Queen Abbess as leaders with me in this Ministry.

Every one of you my Bishops and other ministers, members and well-wishers of this ministry I am very proud of you. Our imperfections make me see more of Christ in you and it helps me to be stronger and a better Leader.
This month on the 16th, we celebrate three (3) years of ministry and we are looking towards a solid establishment for the generations to come. The privilege I have working with my Archbishop and Administrator of this church has caused lots of changes around me. This we achieved because of commitment for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

For me to be still, in this time of celebrations the rocks will cry out. I look back and see where we came from, but today I am looking to see where the will of God is going to take us. Let me remind you that the vision of this ministry must not be hindered, but be encouraged to move forward. This is your legacy, your church and your ministry. You ought to be proud and give God praise for all He has done for us.
Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful anniversary. God bless you my Clergy, God bless the Mystical Order and God bless these United States of America.

Rt. Hon Sir Dr. Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson

Patriarch and Presiding Prelate

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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