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A person who is grateful shows appreciation through the action of gratitude.  The grateful person may have received a gift or may have been helped in some way.  The act of gratitude that follows is the way a grateful person shows their appreciation.  It may be accompanied by thanks, but the act of being grateful goes beyond words and usually involves some kind of action, a sign of appreciation and gratitude.  Practising gratitude is closely related to happiness and feeling pleased in a situation of giving and loving with kindness.

How is being grateful expressed?

  • A grateful person expresses their gratitude by offering something visual and tangible to show their gratitude.
  • Grateful sentiments are often expressed in gratitude journals.
  • Gratitude can be expressed through a social event.   A party or awards ceremony to express grateful messages about a person or institution.  The event is used as a way to reciprocate and show gratitude for the action and kindness received.
  • Grateful acts often get ‘paid forward’ and so the gratitude felt continues to be shared.  This is especially true of someone who prefers not to receive any recognition for their generosity.  The favour or kindness is passed on to another recipient.  This has become known as ‘paying it forward’ and in this way, more kindness and gratitude are passed on to other people.

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