1 Kings Chapter 21

Ahab told Naboth that he wanted to use his vineyard as a vegetable garden because it was close to his palace. The king told him he would give him a nicer vineyard or pay him. Naboth told him that God wanted him to keep it for his ancestors.

Ahab went home very angry and refused to eat. Jezebel, his wife, asked him why he would not eat. He told her why he was so angry. She then told him she would get the vineyard for him.

Naboth Dies

Jezebel wrote letters to the nobles and elders of Naboth”s city. The letters told them to have a special fasting day where Naboth is put in a prominent spot. They were told to put two scoundrels across from him who would bring charges against Naboth because he had cursed the king and God.

After that, Naboth was to be stoned to death. The nobles and elders did this and sent word back to Jezebel that Naboth was dead. Jezebel then told Ahab that he could have Naboth’s vineyard.

Elijah Meets with Ahab

Then the Lord told Elijah to meet with Ahab and tell him that God was angry about Naboth”s death. Elijah told him that because of Ahab”s sins, disaster would be upon him and his descendants. He went on to say that he would make his house like Jeroboam”s. He also said that God was displeased with Jezebel, too, and that dogs would eat those that belonged to Ahab when they died in the city.

The King is Humbled

When the king heard this, he tore his clothing and put on sackcloth. He also fasted and walked meekly around. Then God told Elijah that Ahab had humbled himself before the Lord and because of this, the Lord would not cause this disaster to occur while Ahab was living. But, the Lord went on to tell Elijah that the disaster would occur his son”s lifetime.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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