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Shifting. That is the word I have been carrying in my spirit since mid-December, 2016. Shortly after the first of the year, 2016, the Lord gave a clear revelation of what He meant about “shifting” in this new year and a new spirit–filled season. I have been privileged to share this prophetic word with my reading congregation. Since much of it is prophetically relative for the body of Christ individually and corporately everywhere, I am posting this word from the Lord to be read, prayed over for you and your church, and shared with every Christian you know from the year 2016.

“Shifting requires movement. That means everyone must move.

Whatever vision you’ve been carrying, must now SHIFT. You’ve got to see further, sharper, and clearer until your mind and heart begin to say, “I can do what God is showing me!”

We are all called to pray. But if you’re called to prayer ministry, your level or degree of praying and interceding must shift into a new dimension; a new realm, spiritually. You can no longer hear and pray, you must begin to SEE “it” as you pray. For that, your level of intimacy with God has to go deeper.

We are all worshipers. But if you are called to worship ministry, then you are called to shift. You must shift from the sound that you are familiar with to the sound that’s attached to the frequency of heaven. That will be foreign at first, because the sound may have no specific pattern. The anointing you carry must be radical enough to break through the atmosphere. You are called to usher in the presence of angels in the sound that you carry. They follow the sound of heaven. You are called to hear that sound and bring it down to earth, even begin to pick up the prophetic songs of the angels. You must realize that the glory cloud shifts and transitions according to the needs of the people and the plan of God. That means you must become one with the Spirit of God in order to follow His lead.

You must shift from fear of spiritual warfare to who God calls you to be – a Warrior. No battle can be fought without combat. No victory can be won without soldiers who are willing to go into battle. You must shift your thinking to “victory!”
You must shift the atmosphere around you with your tongue. Say what God says about your church. Say what God says about the leader(s) He has commissioned to serve you. Say what God says about you, your family, and your household. Say what God says about your city.

  • You Shift from complacency to urgency for the issues that are on God’s heart.
  • You Shift from watching to doing; from stagnation to movement.
  • You Shift from an individual mindset to a corporate mindset; from the shadows to the open field.
  • You Shift from singleness to unity.
  • You Shift from resistance to agreement.
  • You Shift from the shallow flow of the Spirit that has gotten you by for years, to the deeper waters of the Holy Spirit.

Shifting has already taken place in many of your lives and this is just the beginning. You are anointed to do great things. There is a fresh anointing awaiting you”, says the Lord.

Because God is infinite, there are dimensions of worship that we have never flowed into in the Spirit. There are dimensions of prayer that we have yet to flow into in the Spirit. We have had a church and called it good. We have had worship and called it anointed. And for that season, it was! In the year 2017, God is ushering us individually and ministerially into new measures of His presence. There’s a fresh wind of the Spirit blowing. Are you ready to go deeper?

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19)

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