HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

To our beloved Patriarch and Bishop of Starlight of Israel Healing School Sir Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson, Matriarch Hon. Janet McClean, Archbishop Adrian Toussaint  Cardinal Sir Eric Alleyne, brothers, sisters, friends and well-wishers greetings.

Jesus told His disciples that offences will come. Matthew 18:7. In my prayer this word was revealed concerning God’s Shepherds and His Flock;

There are times when following The shepherd God has placed us under, we sometimes don’t understand the direction God is leading us in. Our feelings are sometimes hurt by the decision our shepherds make, by the actions they take and even by the word they speak.

As we read throughout the scriptures we will see people who have experienced some type of hurt or even disappointment while following their leaders. We will also see how they react to that hurt. So today it is the same or even worst, where people try to sabotage and overthrow their leaders. Let me tell you when God place you in a position He is the only one who can move you. It is very hard to fight against God. Many have tried and looked at them today. See where their head is and where they are going. I wish I can open your heads and write it there for you to keep. This is not my doing but the Lord’s way. All I have to do is follow the Master’s footsteps everywhere He goes.

In our day, we see a lot of sheep are not willing to submit entirely to the leadership of their shepherd. Instead, they operate in a spirit of manipulation and control. They are a better person to lead but God has not tested nor tried you leading anything, so how can He place you? You want to lead because of jealousy, hatred, envy, or thinking you are better than the other person. How foolish are you to use that as a reason to be a leader. God test your character, and faithfulness, He tries you in the flood, through the fire and if there is anything good in you then He will use you. A good place to start looking is in your home and life. If you cannot hold your family together then there may be a problem. Keep your children in subjection even if you are not married, I urge you to control your children. A good place to start and see where the spirit of the Lord will take you.

In the natural, during the cause of a sheep’s life, they grow wool, often that wool needs to be groomed or trimmed. While in prayer The Lord showed me how the spiritual sheep don’t want or liked to be groomed or trimmed. Hallelujah, you spot the untidy and naughty behaviour, and to avoid the correction is to make a confusion. O, the church they know how to approach the weaker ones. They study their vulnerabilities and move in for the kill. Try my faith and approach my soul to the mercy seat where Jesus hears and answers prayers. Say like the songwriter “use me Lord” and surrender to the will of God. When I wanted to give up and buckle under pressure, the still small voice whispers “I have chosen you, do not be afraid.” I knew there that someone was coming up against God thinking it was me.

Many sheep miss out on the Spiritual Impartation that comes from the one who watches for their soul. They allow their emotions/feelings to get in the way of what God is trying to do in them, what He is trying to protect them from or what He trying to get to them. You and I may not like what God’s Shepherd has to say most of the time or the decision they make, but we are still commanded to LOVE and SUBMIT to them. You hate the servant of God and you think it is good, but in essence, you are hating God. Please don’t fight against your God. It is not working and you are only destroying yourselves. You must understand that sometimes there is no return to that original state.

The Apostle Peter was in Jesus’ inner circle one of his closest disciples. In Matthew 16:22 Jesus turned to him and said “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offence to Me…” Now Peter could have become resentful because of Jesus’ harsh words, he could have walked away from following Jesus. If Peter had allowed his feelings to get in the way he would have never preached to win 3,000 souls for the kingdom of Heaven. Peter submitted to Jesus’ leadership. Naaman was a man of authority, but he was also a leper. The prophet told him if he wanted to be cleansed go and dip in the River Jordan. Naaman didn’t take to kindly to the prophet’s word, he thought within himself that where he thought that he had better options and didn’t want to do what the prophet asked of him.

When he finally obeyed the word the scripture said his flesh became like a baby’s skin. Gehazi thought he knew better than his master the prophet. Elisha told Naaman that he could keep his gifts, but Gehazi went and took the gifts from Naaman in the name of his leader. He allowed his greed for material things to go against his leader’s discussion, and because of this, he brought a curse upon himself and his entire family. The same sickness that was upon Naaman came upon him. Hagar was a servant of Sarah. My brothers and sisters take warning and serve the Lord remaining true to yourself and the word of God. The leader intercedes on your behalf, he gets the vision and passes it on. You can take the chance and fight against God’s leadership. I know what the results will be when you try to overthrow a servant of God.

Hagar thought Sarah was too hard on her. It amazes me that people tend to think that a leader is hard on them; they never see the wrong they have done to cause it. Hagar thought that life was too hard under Sarah’s leadership, so she decided to leave. God sent an angel commanding her to go back and submit to her leader, Hagar obey the message from God and because of her obedience and resubmission to Sarah’s leadership, because of this her son was able to receive his father’s blessings. How can God make your name great, and get the glory out of your life if you don’t submit? I know greatness is on you, but it won’t come to reality until you first learn to submit to leadership.

How do you know that the spirit of disobedience is operating in one’s life, it’s when they have a problem with submitting to their leader, 1 Samuel 15:23 says “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry? Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee…”
Go back SUBMIT and OBEY if you can find your way to the cross. For some, it’s a physical return, while for others it is spiritual going back to your leader. Either way, it is hard and it will mean surrendering to the authority.

May Almighty God continues to lead you to step by step, only if you are willing to submit to His authority, will and purpose. You are told or may I say warned to come back to the place where God’s leadership is for your well being. Trust your leadership and walk in the vocation wherein you’re called.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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