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The Conclusion

Jeremiah was a prophet in such a terrible time.  It must have been awful to be living and preaching when Israel was falling to pieces and being destroyed by the Babylonian people.  In many ways, we might feel the same today.  It’s awful to see the world around us falling to pieces.  It’s a little scary to feel the walls closing in on Christians.  Who knows how long the United States or St. Vincent and the Grenadines will stand, or how long we might want to live here. It is getting worse every day and there are no signs of warnings from the watchmen

Yet at the same time, we have nothing to worry about.  The Lord has supplied everything we truly need.  We have a loving Shepherd in Jesus who lived and died for us to bring us righteousness.  His holiness given to us means that we will spend an eternity in the peaceful pastures of heaven.  And while we remain in this sinful world, God also provides shepherds of righteousness—leaders of his church that we can be thankful for and look to for guidance throughout our lives.

Thanks are to our loving and Gracious Shepherd!  God be with our spiritual shepherds and leaders!

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