Nehemiah Chapter 1 Questions

  1. What does the book of Nehemiah cover?
  2. It is also a time of returning to the _______ of God.
  3. Some believe it to be an _______________ of Nehemiah’s life.
  4. Who was the father of Nehemiah?
  5. The month of Chisleu is similar to what month on our calendar?
  6. The twentieth year of the reign of ______________ is mentioned here.
  7. Who was Hanani?
  8. What did Nehemiah inquire of him about?
  9. Where was Nehemiah living at the time?
  10. Israel was a nation of people, but it was also ________ _______ ____.
  11. What report did Hanani give Nehemiah?
  12. What effect did this have on Nehemiah?
  13. What did he do about this, besides pray?
  14. What did Nehemiah call God in verse 5?
  15. What does “beseech” mean?
  16. When does God keep covenant with mankind?
  17. In verse 6, we see an _________ man confessing.
  18. What was the confession?
  19. Who was he confessing for?
  20. What had God said He would do to them if they transgressed His law?
  21. What was the fulfilment of that?
  22. What would God do, if they repented?
  23. Why had God saved this remnant of His people?
  24. What was Nehemiah reminding God of in verse 10?
  25. What was missing, since they had gone back to their homeland?
  26. Whose prayers was Nehemiah asking God to be attentive to?

Nehemiah Chapter 2 Questions

  1. What is the month Nisan on our calendar?
  2. Nehemiah was the ______________ for the king.
  3. What was unusual about Nehemiah serving the king in verse 1?
  4. What did the king ask Nehemiah?
  5. The king discerned that Nehemiah was ___________ of __________.
  6. What compliment did Nehemiah answer the king with?
  7. Why was Nehemiah sad?
  8. What did Nehemiah do, when the king asked him what his request was?
  9. What was the request?
  10. Who was with the king, when he was talking to Nehemiah?
  11. How long would Nehemiah be gone?
  12. What did Nehemiah ask the king to give him, so he could travel with no problem?
  13. Where would Nehemiah get the material to build with?
  14. Who went with Nehemiah?
  15. Who did Nehemiah show the papers to?
  16. Who opposed Nehemiah?
  17. Why did they oppose him?
  18. How long did Nehemiah rest, when he arrived in Jerusalem?
  19. When did Nehemiah go to examine the walls?
  20. Why did he not tell anyone?
  21. What did he find?
  22. How did he travel around the wall?
  23. When did Nehemiah tell them what he wanted to do?
  24. When did they believe Nehemiah, and offer to help?
  25. Why did the opponents of Nehemiah not want a wall built?
  26. What had they forgotten?
  27. Nehemiah put his trust in _______.

Nehemiah Chapter 3 Questions

  1. Who built the sheep gate?
  2. What portion of the building did the High Priest probably do?
  3. Why was the gate called the sheep gate?
  4. The men, in verse 2, worked on the ________ ________ __________.
  5. Who built the fish gate?
  6. Why was it called the fish gate?
  7. What were the bars on the gate for?
  8. Who, of the Tekoites, did not work on their portion of the gate?
  9. Verse 6 is, possibly, speaking of the ______________ gate.
  10. Each group of people repaired the part of the gate that was nearest their _________.
  11. Apothecaries made ___________ and ____________.
  12. What is different about verse 8?
  13. Rephaiah ruled the half part of _____________.
  14. How would some of the people be personally benefited by the repair of the wall?
  15. Who ruled the other half of Jerusalem?
  16. 1,000 cubits is __________ feet.
  17. Who repaired the dung gate?
  18. What does “Beth-Zur” mean?
  19. Who had a burning desire to finish the wall, as Nehemiah had?
  20. Who was Meremoth?
  21. Who helped Ezra teach the law?
  22. Where were the priests’ houses located?
  23. The king’s house, in verse 25, is speaking of what?
  24. The Nethinim did ____________ work in the temple.
  25. The watergate is speaking of what?
  26. Who was the keeper of the east gate?
  27. Who was the goldsmith’s son?

Nehemiah Chapter 4 Questions

  1. Who was angry about them building the wall?
  2. How were they mocking the Jews?
  3. What description of the Jews did he use in verse 2?
  4. What questions were they asking in a mocking way?
  5. Why were the Samaritans upset about the wall?
  6. There is always someone saying the task the LORD has given you to do is a _______________.
  7. How weak were they saying the wall was?
  8. Tobiah was listening to ___________.
  9. The ___________ and the ___________ are opposed to the building of the wall.
  10. What does Nehemiah ask God for?
  11. Who were they provoking to anger, besides the workers?
  12. In verse 6, we see that _________ of the wall is finished?
  13. Who became angry, along with Tobiah and Sanballat, when they heard the Jews were building the wall?
  14. What did they all conspire together to do?
  15. What did Nehemiah do first?
  16. What did they do, besides pray?
  17. What hindered them from finishing the wall?
  18. What were the adversaries threatening to do?
  19. What did they tell the Jews, who lived out of Jerusalem?
  20. What did Nehemiah do as a show of force?
  21. What did Nehemiah say to the nobles?
  22. As soon as the enemy had a word of all they were doing to protect themselves, what did Nehemiah have his people do?
  23. _______ of the men worked on the wall and ________ stood guard.
  24. Those who worked on the wall had what weapons nearby to use, if necessary.
  25. How would they bring the majority of the people to one area, if there was an attack?
  26. How long were their workdays?
  27. What did they do, when they slept?
  28. This was for the safety of ____________.
  29. What did Nehemiah tell those who lived outside of the walls of Jerusalem to do?
  30. __________ set the example for them.

Nehemiah Chapter 6 Questions

  1. Verse 1, speaks of one thing yet to do, what was it?
  2. Who sent word to Nehemiah to get him to come away from Jerusalem and meet with them?
  3. Why did they want him to come out of Jerusalem?
  4. What was Nehemiah’s answer to them?
  5. What did Nehemiah tell them he was doing?
  6. Why did it not bother them to lie to Nehemiah?
  7. What showed their determination?
  8. Why did they send an open letter?
  9. They were not aware of what?
  10. What lie were they telling about Nehemiah wanting power?
  11. Prophets should be men that speak as an ____________ of God.
  12. If they are under the control of men on the earth, they are ___________ prophets.
  13. Where did Nehemiah say these evil sayings came from?
  14. Why had Sanballat made up these lies?
  15. What did Nehemiah ask God to strengthen?
  16. What terrible message did Shemaiah give Nehemiah?
  17. How does the author relate the actions of Shemaiah, here, to the devil?
  18. What questions did Nehemiah send to him as an answer?
  19. What did Nehemiah perceive about him?
  20. Who had hired Shemaiah to say these things?
  21. Had Nehemiah feared Sanballat, it would have been a ______.
  22. Who did Nehemiah ask God to think on for trying to make him fear?
  23. When was the wall finished?
  24. How long did it take to build it?
  25. How long was the wall approximately?
  26. What did the enemies of Nehemiah finally realize after the wall was finished?
  27. Who sent letters to Tobiah?
  28. Why were some of the people in Judah sworn to him?
  29. What was sad about the people reporting Nehemiah’s actions to Tobiah?

Nehemiah Chapter 7 Questions

  1. What was done, after the wall was built and the doors set up?
  2. What were some of the reasons for the Levites keeping the gates of the city of Jerusalem?
  3. Not all Levites were priests, but all were in the __________ of the LORD.
  4. Why did Nehemiah stay after the wall was finished?
  5. Who was Nehemiah’s brother?
  6. Who ruled Jerusalem with Nehemiah’s brother?
  7. What kind of man was he?
  8. When were the gates of Jerusalem to be opened?
  9. When they were opened, what did they do for precautions?
  10. How large was the city itself?
  11. The people were ________ for that much area.
  12. Why were the houses not built?
  13. What did God put in Nehemiah’s heart to do?
  14. What could have been a reason for checking the record of the genealogy of the people?
  15. Who had carried them away captive to Babylon?
  16. Who led the first group returning to their homeland?
  17. What does “Kirjath-jearim” mean?
  18. What do most scholars believe is the other Nebo, mentioned in verse 33?
  19. Verses 39 through 42 are a list of the __________.
  20. What did the Nethinim do?
  21. Why were Solomon’s servants and the Nethinim listed together?
  22. Those, in verse 61, are whom?
  23. What happened to priests, who married heathen women?
  24. They should not eat of the most holy things, until what happened?
  25. How many were in the total congregation?
  26. How many animals were carried back with them?
  27. Who gave to the treasures?
  28. Verse 73 is a listing of what?
  29. What is a lesson Christians can receive from this lesson?
  30. We must all take our ___________ places in God’s work for the church to succeed.

Nehemiah Chapter 8 Questions

  1. Where did the people gathered themselves together?
  2. What did they ask Ezra to do?
  3. What was Ezra called in verse 1?
  4. What conclusion does the author with the people of our country would come to?
  5. The people, who came out of captivity, wanted to be in __________ relationship with their _______.
  6. The congregation was made up of whom?
  7. When did he bring the law before the people?
  8. “All that could hear with understanding”, probably, meant whom?
  9. How long did he read the law before them?
  10. Who were some of the men on the platform with Ezra, that we can safely assume read part of the time for him?
  11. What two words describe the condition of the ears of those who heard the law?
  12. What did Ezra stand on to read?
  13. Ezra opened the book in the sight of ______ the people.
  14. Why did the people stand, when the book was opened?
  15. In verse 6, Ezra did what?
  16. How did people respond?
  17. The lifting of their hands was in ___________.
  18. Their bowed heads showed their ______________.
  19. What did the Levites standing by doing, when there was a pause in the reading of the law?
  20. Nehemiah was their ________ leader.
  21. Ezra was their ____________ leader.
  22. Why were they weeping?
  23. What did Ezra say to them about their weeping?
  24. The joy of the LORD is your ___________.
  25. The Word of God will set you ________.
  26. The Bible is ________ ________.
  27. What Feast is verse 14 speaking of?
  28. What had they failed to do in recent years, when celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles?
  29. Where did they get the material for the booths?
  30. Myrtlewood grows in 2 places in the world, where is one?
  31. Where would they build the booths?
  32. How many days did they keep the feast?
  33. Where do we find the law on this?

Nehemiah Chapter 9 Questions

  1. On the 24th day of the month, what did the children of Israel do?
  2. When had they been convinced they needed to repent of their sins?
  3. Verse 2 tells us they ___________ themselves from all strangers.
  4. They stood and ___________ their sins, and their father’s iniquities.
  5. What did they do for 1/4 of the day?
  6. Who represented the three families of Levites at the time in this chapter?
  7. The Levitical family must cry out to God for _____________, and then for the _________.
  8. What are the people told to do in verse 5?
  9. How should you praise the LORD?
  10. What do they say about God in verse 6?
  11. He is not only Creator, but ___________, and ____________.
  12. Where was Abram living, when God selected him?
  13. His ________ in God won him favour with God.
  14. What kind of covenant did God make with Abram?
  15. How many heathen people were living in the land God promised Abraham?
  16. Where were the Israelites living in hard bondage, when God heard their cry?
  17. What did God do for them at the Red Sea?
  18. God had ___________ the false gods of Egypt.
  19. The nations around called God the God of __________
  20. God led them with what?
  21. At Mount Sinai, God spoke what to the people directly?
  22. What did they ask of Moses, because they were frightened of God?
  23. While Moses was on the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments on stone, what did the people do?
  24. What law is verse 14 speaking of?
  25. What is another name for it?
  26. Who was the Bread from heaven that fed them on their journey?
  27. What did Jesus call Himself in John chapter 6 verse 51?
  28. Where does He call Himself the spiritual Rock?
  29. The _________ of God always outweighs His judgement?

Nehemiah Chapter 9 Continued Questions

  1. How many years did God provide manna for the Israelites?
  2. How did he quench their thirst?
  3. What is the good spirit in verse 1?
  4. What miracles, that happened on their journey, were mentioned in verse 21.
  5. God took the Promised Land away from _______nations and gave it to Israel.
  6. Sihon was king of __________.
  7. Og was the ___________ king of Bashan
  8. Their children also _______________ thou as the stars of heaven.
  9. From the approximately 75 people who went into Egypt, ____  __________ came out.
  10. In most instances, God had instructed them to __________ the people of the lands they conquered.
  11. The ______________ were a constant thorn for them, as well.
  12. What was already growing in the land they took?
  13. God had promised them a land of ________ and ________.
  14. Nevertheless, they were _______________.
  15. What was the one thing God asked from the Israelites?
  16. What did God do to cause them to return to Him?
  17. Who did God send to warn them of their sins?
  18. When they turned to God and repented, what did God do?
  19. Which of the judges had been spoken of as saviours?
  20. All the wars they lost, and the famines they suffered, were to drive them back to ____ _______ and the _______.
  21. God waited several hundred years before He did what to them?
  22. Why was Judah’s captivity over a hundred years after the ten tribes’ captivity?
  23. God loved them so much, He always saved a ____________.
  24. God’s ________ saved them.
  25. The king’s of Assyria was the _________ of God’ anger.
  26. Was God unfair with them?
  27. Who were some of the good kings?
  28. Who had let them come back to their homeland?
  29. Were they truly free?
  30. When did they become completely free?
  31. What were they going to do, to show God their sincerity in keeping the covenant with Him?

Nehemiah Chapter 10 Questions

  1. Nehemiah was the _________ leader.
  2. What other name was he called in verse 1?
  3. What was another name for Zidkijah?
  4. In verse 1, what did “sealed” mean?
  5. Verse 2 through 8 list whom?
  6. Why was it so important for them to sign this covenant?
  7. Why was Seraiah mentioned first?
  8. Who are listed in verse 9 through 13?
  9. Who were the three of the chiefs of the Levitical families at that time?
  10. Who were listed in verse 14 through 27?
  11. Beginning in verse 28, who were the people mentioned?
  12. Verse 29 was saying, they verbally agreed to live by what?
  13. What were they aware of?
  14. They agreed not to marry the ___________.
  15. What times did verse 31 say, they would remember and observe?
  16. What was one of the things that happened on jubilee?
  17. What voluntary tax did they impose on themselves?
  18. What were some of the things the tax would be used for, mentioned in verse 33?
  19. What was the showbread?
  20. What was the offering for new moons?
  21. How did they decide who would provide the wood?
  22. The firstborn son was purchased back from God with a _________ __________.
  23. What of their firstfruits were they supposed to bring to the temple?
  24. Who were the tithes turned over to, to distribute?
  25. What was the promise in verse 39 really?
  26. Where was the temple treasury?
  27. What lesson for the Christians do we find here?

Nehemiah Chapter 11 Questions

  1. The rulers of the people dwelt at ___________.
  2. In verse 1, why did they cast lots?
  3. Why was it important for a tenth of the people to dwell in Jerusalem?
  4. The country blessed all the men that did what?
  5. The chief of the province was speaking of whom?
  6. What was verse 4 a listing of?
  7. How many of the sons of Perez dwelt at Jerusalem?
  8. They were there to ____________ the city.
  9. How many of Benjamin came to dwell inside the city wall?
  10. Joel had a job very similar to what the __________ of a modern city would have.
  11. Who was his assistant?
  12. Verses 10 and 11 were listing who?
  13. Who was the head of the high priestly family?
  14. The Levites, whose leaders were listed in verses 12 through 14, were a total of ________.
  15. Shemaiah was descended from __________.
  16. What was he in charge of?
  17. Who were his assistants?
  18. Who could you compare them within our churches today?
  19. What were Asaph’s descendants called to do?
  20. Mattaniah would be ________ ________ in a modern church.
  21. What did the porters do?
  22. Where did 90% of the general population live?
  23. The Nethinim lived in ________.
  24. Where was that located?
  25. Who was overseer of the Levites at Jerusalem?
  26. Who had ordered a certain portion to be given the singers?
  27. Pethahiah was in charge of what?
  28. How many little towns of Judah were there?
  29. How many towns were there of Benjamin?
  30. The Levites were ___________ among the other tribes.

Nehemiah Chapter 12 Questions

  1. Who was the High-Priest in Zerubbabel’s time?
  2. Which High-Priest was murdered by Nebuchadnezzar?
  3. Who was descended from Abijah?
  4. Who was Elisabeth, mother of John, descended from?
  5. Who were Jeshua, Binnui, and Kadmiel?
  6. When was Eliashib was High-Priest?
  7. Who did Jonathan murder to become High-Priest?
  8. Which of the priests did not put their mark on the covenant?
  9. There were records kept of all the heads of families of the Hebrews, especially of whom?
  10. Why did the genealogies become unimportant after Jesus?
  11. Nehemiah was a _________ leader in the office of governor.
  12. When were the two times people believe the wall was dedicated?
  13. To all who believe in God, _____________ should be dedicated.
  14. The singers and musicians were all ____________.
  15. Who was purified for the dedication of the wall?
  16. Who were some of the people who would be on the wall?
  17. Did the ordinary people get on the wall?
  18. Who blew the trumpets?
  19. What kind of songs would they sing?
  20. Who led the second group to mount the wall?
  21. Name the priests that blew the trumpets.
  22. Who was involved in all of the rejoicings that were going on?
  23. Who did the appointing in verse 44?
  24. Who got a daily portion?
  25. When did much of the ministry of singing begin?
  26. What are the Psalms?

Nehemiah Chapter 13 Questions

  1. What did they read in the audience of the people?
  2. What was found written in the book?
  3. Why were they forbidden in the congregation?
  4. After they heard this read, who did they separate out from Israel?
  5. Who was the priest Eliashib allied unto?
  6. When had Nehemiah had trouble from Tobiah?
  7. What had the priest prepared for him?
  8. What had been there before?
  9. What did the meat offering symbolize?
  10. Where was Nehemiah, when this happened?
  11. Tobiah an enemy of whom?
  12. What did Nehemiah do about this?
  13. Who should have been watching for this type of sin?
  14. What had happened to the Levites, while Nehemiah was away?
  15. Who did Nehemiah contend with about this?
  16. What did all of Judah bring as a tithe?
  17. What four people did Nehemiah choose to be treasurers?
  18. Why did he choose them?
  19. What does Nehemiah ask of God in verse 14?
  20. How were some of the people breaking the sabbath?
  21. Who brought fish to Jerusalem on the Sabbath?
  22. What did Nehemiah do to stop them?
  23. After he did this, what did the merchants do?
  24. What did Nehemiah threaten to do to them?
  25. In verse 23, who had the Jews married?
  26. What did Nehemiah do to them?
  27. Who did Nehemiah chase out of Jerusalem?
  28. Who had set a bad example for the people?
  29. What does Nehemiah want God to remember?

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