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Have you ever considered why we say ‘Amen’ and ‘In Jesus’ Name’ at the end of prayers? Does this explanation from John give you a fresh perspective? Learn Why Some Prayers Work, Why Some Don’t, and How You and God Can Change Things for Good

How would it feel to enter into prayer with confidence and assurance—certain that God heard you and that your prayers would make a difference?

It would likely feel amazing and unfamiliar. That’s because often our prayers seem to be met with silence or don’t appear to change anything. Either response can lead to disappointment or even despair in the face of our ongoing battles and unmet longings. Especially when we don’t know if we’re doing something wrong or if some prayers just don’t work. Don’t be discouraged for a moment. You have to know your God and how to understand Him even in the depth of silence. You must remember Daniel who set his heart to heaven and looking for deliverance. He prayed according to Daniel 10. Something hammered and there was silence for a period of time. Yet, hope was not lost because Daniel knew his God.

In a world filled with danger, adventure, and wonder, we have at our disposal prayers that can transform the events and issues that matter most to us and to God. I want through these emails show you how to experience the power of daily prayer, learn the major types of prayers—including those of intervention, consecration, warfare, and healing—and to discover the intimacy of the cry of the heart prayer, listening prayer, and praying Scripture.

Things can be different, and you personally have a role to play with God in bringing about that change through prayer. It may sound too good to be true, but this is your invitation to engage in the kind of prayers that can move God’s heart as well as the mountains before you.

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