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“And I will make all my mountains a way, and my highways shall be exalted.” (Isaiah 49:11).

God will make obstacles serve His purpose. We all have mountains in our lives. There are people and things that threaten to bar our progress in the Divine life. Those heavy claims, that uncongenial occupation, that thorn in the flesh, that daily cross–we think that if only these were removed we might live purer, tenderer, holier lives; and often we pray for their removal. God has placed these things before us for a reason and in most cases for us to gain strength ad to build character.

“Oh, fools, and slow of heart!” These are the very conditions of achievement; they have been put into our lives as the means to the very graces and virtues for which we have been praying so long. Thou hast prayed for patience through long years, but there is something that tries thee beyond endurance; thou hast fled from it, evaded it, accounted it an insurmountable obstacle to the desired attainment, and supposed that its removal would secure thy immediate deliverance and victory.

Not so! Thou wouldest gain only the cessation of temptations to impatience. But this would not be patience. Patience can be acquired only through just such trials as now seem unbearable. Go back; submit thyself. Claim to be a partaker in the patience of Jesus. Meet thy trials in Him. There is nothing in life which harasses and annoys that may not become subservient to the highest ends. They are His mountains. He puts them there. We know that God will not fail to keep His promise. “God understandeth the way thereof and knoweth the place thereof. For He looketh to the ends of the earth and seeth under the whole heaven”; and when we come to the foot of the mountains, we shall find the way.

“The meaning of trial is not only to test worthiness but to increase it; as the oak is not only tested by the storm but toughened by them.”

As we face another day let us g forth in the Name of the Lord knowing that all out trials worketh patience in the Name of the Lord. All things worketh together for the good of man through Him that giveth all things. Bless up my brothers and sisters in Jesus’ Name

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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