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What does keeping the morning watch mean?

In war, the most important watch for a guard is the “morning watch”, the watch that goes from midnight until after the sun rises. That time is the most likely time for an enemy to attack. So, the guard must be very diligent in his duty. If he doesn’t keep a diligent morning watch the enemy can attack before the guard’s troops have time to prepare and defend themselves and the battle could be lost.

As Christians, are we in a battle? Yes, we’re in a daily battle against the devil. Keeping the morning watch means keeping a strong relationship with God and staying alert against the devil and his schemes. Just like the guard has to stay alert for the enemy and in communication with his commanding officer.

We need to keep this morning’s watch so we don’t lose the battle against the devil. Acts 4:12 says the only way to salvation is through Christ. If we lose our relationship with Christ and let down our guard, the devil will overcome us, causing us to lose our salvation.

How can we keep the morning watch? We can stay in touch with God and on guard against the devil by doing worship every morning and evening, reading our Bible, praying and making God a priority by giving Him our time.

We can’t work our way to heaven by reading our Bible, doing worships, etc. But, doing these things helps us grow and strengthen our relationship and faith in Christ, who is our salvation.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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