HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.. Genesis 11:7

God comes down into human life. Though the world is corrupt and full of violence; though His arch-enemy has taught man to dread and hate Him; though attempts are on foot to resist Him in open rebellion, by making a unity apart from Him, and in exclusion of His cornerstone, yet He comes down.

Look no further but to your right and left in the church where the arch-enemy sits to use those that are faint in heart. Look around and see how the enemy works within the church and in some people. The enemy try to rock the foundation of the very church that they are sitting in …..But God. Hallelujah

He comes down to see. – He will not pronounce judgment until He has satisfied Himself by personal inspection how things stand. He comes down to our bedrooms and overhears the words we speak, the deeds we do there; to our home-life, and is a silent listener and observer of all its incidents; to our shops, warehouses, and bank-parlours, auditing our accounts, casting up the columns, examining our samples, our weights and measures, our advertisements and circulars. From Him, no secrets are hidden. I can see the recording angel walking around taking notes which will be handed to the Father. O, brethren none of us shall escape the judgement of God.

He comes down to punish. – ” Let me alone, that I may destroy.” Never forget the punitive side of God’s character. How easily He asserts His power! He can disorganize the memory, breathe on the brain, touch one small nerve or muscle, and the best-concerted schemes fail. Why shouldst thou fear every day the fury of the oppressor, when God is at thy side!

He comes down to save. – If there be one Lot, He will bring him forth. What was the Incarnation, the descent to Calvary and the grave, but the coming down of the “us” of the blessed Trinity? He that ascended is the same that also first descended. He has come that He may heal our wounds, take us in His arms, and bear us with Him far beyond all principality and power. He is the way, by which we may pass from the confusion of Babel to the love of Pentecost, and the one speech of heaven.

Make ready for the hand of God to touch you and bring you out. Prepare yourself for today the Holy Spirit of God is about to pass to deliver. Are you in the pathway for the blessing or the judgement?

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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