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HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

“But that which ye have already hold fast till I come.” (Revelation 2:25).

The other day I asked a Jewish doctor who works with me how it was that his countrymen were so successful in acquiring wealth. “Ah,” said he, “we do not make more money than other people, but we keep more.” So he had me thinking about how they do it and we are living on the same planet, same world. I thought about the natural and how it applies spiritually. Beloved, let us look out this day for spiritual pickpockets and spiritual leakage.

  • You often hear how long some people were in the church and not how long they knew God.
  • You hear how many times they “mourn” and never how many times they came in touch with Jesus.
  • You will hear how many people they “point” but never where ….
  • You will hear about the salvation of others except theirs.

Brethren if we were to gain the whole world where will our soul go. So lay not up for your self earthly treasures where thieves and robbers lurk but lay for yourself treasures up in heaven. Therefore, let us make our boast in the Lord.

Let us “lose nothing of what we have wrought, but receive a full reward”; and, as each day comes and goes, let us put away in the savings bank of eternity its treasures of grace and victory, and so be conscious from day to day that something real and everlasting is being added to our eternal fortune.

It may be but a little, but if we only economize all that God gives us, and pass it on to His keeping when the close shall come we shall be amazed to see how much the accumulated treasures of a well-spent life have laid up on high, and how much more He has added to them by His glorious investment of the life committed to His keeping.

Oh, how the days are telling! Oh, how precious these golden hours will seem sometime! God help us to make the most of them now. One day we will be going home and as we often hear the comforting words at a funeral service, I pray we will hear them in our lifetime. Our reward is sure and we will either be greeted “Come’ or “Depart”. Something to think about this morning.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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