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HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

“Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass.” (Psalm 37:5).

I once thought that after I prayed that it was my duty to do everything that I could do to bring the answer to pass. He taught me a better way and showed that my self-effort always hindered His working and that when I prayed and definitely believed Him for anything, He wanted me to wait in the spirit of praise, and only do what He bade me. It seems so unsafe to just sit still, and do nothing but trust the Lord, and the temptation to take the battle into our own hands is often tremendous.

We all know how impossible it is to rescue a drowning man who tries to help his rescuer, and it is equally impossible for the Lord to fight our battles for us when we insist upon trying to fight them ourselves. It is not that He will not, but He cannot. Our interference hinders His working.

Spiritual forces cannot work while earthly forces are active.

It takes God time to answer prayer. Ask Daniel and wait for His answer. We often fail to give God a chance in this respect. It takes time for God to paint a rose. It takes time for God to grow an oak. It takes time for God to make bread from wheat fields. He takes the earth.

  • He pulverizes.Image result for HINDRANCE TO PRAYER
  • He softens.
  • He enriches.
  • He wets with showers and dews.
  • He warms with life.
  • He gives the blade, the stock, the amber grain, and then, at last, the bread for the hungry.

All this takes time. Therefore we sow, and till, and wait, and trust, until all God’s purpose has been wrought out. We give God a chance in this matter of time. We need to learn this same lesson in our prayer life. It takes God time to answer prayer.

So today I want to lift up some prayers for the brother or sister in an abusive relationship, for those that are feeling despondent and there is no way out of life’s situation.  For those with anger, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, and those without any hope to face the next day. I pray for all our young people that are thinking of ending their lives. For those in any financial binds and there is no fix for the situation. I also lift up those that are the recipient of the evil forces that are standing in their way. So, Father, I ask that you will open the windows of heaven and send help to your children in every direction that this prayer will be worthy of acceptance before my Father, and You will get all the honour and the glory. AMEN

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