HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

The man, who is the lord of the land, spake roughly to us, and took us for spies of the country. Genesis 42:30

He spake roughly, but he did not feel so.- Oh the man that was sold by his brethren has become the sole breadwinner for the family. is how God takes a bad situation and turn it int good for the benefit of enemies. However, all this action was in the perfect will of Gso that men will see and understand the glory of God our Father. This was a foreshadow of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When he had spoken in these harsh tones, he restored their money; turned aside to weep (Genesis 42:24); and did his best to alleviate the toils of travel. So sometimes God seems to deal harshly, and speak roughly, but there is no change in the tender love of His heart. It costs Him immeasurably more than it does us. Often when some unusual severity has been evinced, if we could but see His face, it would be full of pity, pain, and pleading on our behalf. He feels yearnings over us which He restrains, and dares not betray till the work of conviction is complete.

He spake roughly to awaken the conscience. Hallelujah. It had slept for twenty years. They had almost forgotten that scene at the pit’s mouth; but as he repeated their tones, and words, and treatment, it all came back again, and they cried, “We are verily guilty concerning our brother.” There must be repentance and confession before God can take us to His heart. We must confess the wrongs done to our Brother in heaven and our brothers on earth, and many of the roughnesses of God’s Providence are intended to awaken us and bring our sin to remembrance. That is the only way we will acknowledge our sins before God and ask for repentance.

He spoke roughly to test them. – How did they feel toward each other: was there rivalry, or bitterness, or angry feeling? Beneath his biting words, Joseph would mark their behaviour! Would they disown each other, or cling to one another? There was an opportunity for doing one or the other, and he was glad to notice how their love approved itself. So we are led over stony roads, that God may know what is in our hearts. He gives us opportunities of showing our real feeling toward our brothers, that He may test our love toward Himself.

I wonder what it would be like in our day where each will try to save themself rather than sticking to the side of each other. Oh, brethren God knows our hearts and there is nothing that we can do to change the past except through repentance. This means to acknowledge our faults and failures before God. Our transgressions are there unless we ask God to erase them. Then He will replace it with the love of Almighty God. Let’s do it today and see the difference of what God can do for us.

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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