A Godly woman exercises self-control

Self-control is often an ignored virtue in our society, but it is such a crucial one. Women who lack self-control destroy many things – whether through gossip, anger, or selfishness.

As women, we often lack self-control in our speech.

Personally, I lash out with my words when exhaustion and stress get the better of me. Patience is something I’m constantly working toward.

Whether it’s counting to 10 when angry, whispering a prayer, or going for a walk – have a strategy in place for when your emotions threaten to overwhelm you. Ask God to help you bridle your tongue and respond in a loving way, no matter what.

Gossip is another area where self-control is a must. A godly woman must be trustworthy – a listening ear, a confidant in time of need. If people know you as someone who is quick to spread a rumour or laugh behind someone’s back, they won’t open up to you.

“Discreet” is another way to translate the word for self-control in Titus 2. I love the chapter in one of my favourite books, Created to Be His Help Meet, that speaks about discretion. The author describes it as “having good tastes, good judgment, useful, to be of good understanding.” She further states:

God says that a woman who lacks discretion is like a jewel in a pig’s nose (Proverbs 11:23). She is ridiculous, out of place, embarrassing, a joke. Something otherwise lovely is rendered ridiculous in the context of indiscretion. She might be pretty, a real jewel of a beauty, but if the jewel is in the nose of a pig, what good is it?

Basically, showing self-control and discretion boils down to being thoughtful. It means holding your tongue when necessary and listening to the needs of others.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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